Women's football team kneeling for photograph in their purple UoP kit before their match

December Standings

6 December 2019

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Origin story:

The brainchild of The Purple Boot, is largely inspired by a series of calamities cascading in my own brain, but also by two tangible factors – the first is the European Golden Shoe – aka – the European Golden Boot. This award is presented to the leading goalscorer in Football league matches across the top divisions of every European national league; in recent years that's basically meant handing it to Messi and Ronaldo who have been wreaking havoc through porous Spanish defences for what seems like an eternity.

The trophy, sculpted in the shape of a football boot, hence the imaginative title of the trophy, began life in the 1967–68 season, originally known as the – Soulier d'Or, which translates from the French – Golden Shoe or Boot.

There is a formula that weighs this in favour of rewarding performances in the highest ranked leagues and that is something we have tried to mirror in our version with graded points for different Tiers of competition, whilst still recognising achievements at all levels.

In our next post in January 2020, I will introduce you to further insights about this very special award... but before that keep an eye out for our Purple Boot – 12 Days of Purple, Half Term Reports on all our Clubs starting from Boxing Day with American Football...

Who will lift the Boot that stomps on all other boots at Sports Awards 2020?

It is incredibly close, but these guys below are most certainly in the running –

Here are the latest 'Purple Boot' Leaderboards.

  1. The Purple Boot – Top 10
  2. The Purple Boot – Club Leaders

Ladies and Gentlemen... I give you our Champions!


The Top 10

1 Cricket Molly Beadle 606
2 Cricket Aryan Gupta 594
3 American Football Sam Hassan 585
4 Lacrosse Lexi Smith 577
5 Netball Annabelle Couchman 556
6 Futsal Argemiro Sassa 553
6 Futsal Tonye Sotonye 553
8 Squash Elliot Dowling 551
9 Futsal Marwan Kisserwan 545
10 Netball Eleanor Hayes 544

Club leaders

American Football Sam Hassan 585
Archery N/A N/A
Archery Hannah Barnard 325
Badminton Tom Wood 528
Basketball Leah Parcell 466
Cricket Molly Beadle 606
Cycling N/A N/A
Fencing N/A N/A
Football (Men’s) Louie Gilpin 425
Football (Women’s) Sharna Capel-Watson 402
Futsal Argemiro Sassa/ Tonye Sotonye 553
Golf Dan Colman 505
Hockey Eleanor Skinner 398
Lacrosse Lexi Smith 577
Netball Annabelle Couchman 556
Rowing Antonia Painter 270
Rugby (Men’s) Jake Dodd 181
Rugby (Women’s) Carrie Whymark 371
Sailing Chloe Barr 315
Squash Elliot Dowling 551
Swimming Jamie Robertson 480
Tennis James Wright 327
Ultimate Frisbee Tom White/ Cameron Lewis 343
Volleyball Ana Periera-Bastos 387

*Our MVP is decided from player performances in fixtures where our clubs perform over the course of the week. To keep up to date of performances, make sure you check out our sports club blog. We post weekly in our Wednesday BUCS Round Up and our Weekend Wash Up.


The MVP Formula to cross pollinate statistical information across a range of sports is a closely guarded secret and has taken a team of scientists decades to construct in a top secret base in the Alps.

The whereabouts of these scientists is currently unknown…