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Invest in your employees with a Corporate Health and Fitness Membership

Your company deserves a healthy workforce, help employees stay active at Ravelin Sports Centre

Your workforce has long been recognised as the biggest asset to your business and ensuring it keeps moving. The benefits of physical activity, exercise and fitness activities are well recognised, particularly in those job roles that are less active. Your workplace deserves a healthy and positive workforce and what better way to look after your best asset than by helping them look after their own physical and mental health.

We’re not talking about your average corporate gym membership here, we’re talking about corporate membership in Portsmouth’s fantastic new health, fitness and sports facility, Ravelin Sports Centre.

We’re reimagining and redesigning the standard corporate gym membership to fit a modern workforce. We’re throwing everything in, because we know workplaces are diverse, full of character and individualism. With hybrid working now commonplace, accessing facilities outside of business hours is a must, and our long opening hours help your employees do just that.

We’ve already partnered with a number of organisations and are delighted to be supporting several local groups and businesses with our corporate membership options. Get in touch and find out how we can help your employees and your business.

How does corporate membership work?

We offer annual Ultimate health and fitness memberships at a discounted price to ensure the choice is there for your employees in our new £57 million Ravelin Sports Centre. Your employees will experience the best facility in Portsmouth while working for the best company, yours.

Our Ultimate membership includes access to:

  • Our 175-station gym
  • Over 100 fitness classes per week
  • Ravelin’s swimming pool, steam and sauna
  • A brand new 11m climbing wall
  • Squash courts

There are a couple of ways corporate memberships work, firstly as a business, you can pay for the membership for your employees as a benefit in kind, and secondly, you can pass the discount on to your employees who can register themselves for the membership.

Ravelin Sports Centre’s superb facilities include:

As well as improving mental and physical well-being, regular physical activity can help employees improve concentration and also boost team bonding. Many workers can spend large portions of their day sitting at their desks, we can offer a great variety of activities to keep everyone moving and active. Let our experienced and knowledgeable team help you look after the most important part of your business, your staff.

What other benefits are there?

If offering your workforce a corporate health and fitness membership isn’t enough, we can also arrange team building sessions and bespoke sessions for you, your leadership team or your whole organisation. With so many activities available at Ravelin Sports Centre and Langstone Sports Site we can devise packages to suit your needs and your challenges.

Our fully interactive and connected seminar room is great for getting down to work before or after you release some steam with our high energy activities. If you’d like to learn more about our corporate training packages get in touch with

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