Indoor Swimming Pool at Ravelin Fitness Centre

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Find out more about the work we do and the services we offer here at Sport Portsmouth

There are times when you need to delve into the detail, so we’ve grouped all the things together that you may want to know. From opening times, where we are and how you can download our apps, to the boring but essential policies and terms and conditions. If there is something you cannot find, you can get in contact with us, we'll be happy to help.

How to contact us and opening times

We’re a sociable bunch and there are many ways to chat to us depending on your preference.

Ravelin Sports Centre opening times

Weekdays: 6.30am - 10.30pm

Weekends and bank holidays: 7.00am - 9.00pm

Saturday 17 December, 7.00am - 7.00pm; Sunday 18 December, 8.00am-9.00pm  

Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve: 7.00am - 5.00pm

Open 362 days a year. Closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day

For opening times for each facility visit our Finding us and travel page.

    Langstone Sports Site opening times

    Core opening (Uni term time)

    Monday 12 September to Sunday 11 December 2022

    Tuesday 3 January to Sunday 26 March 2023

    Monday 17 April to Sunday 28 April 2023

    Non-core opening (Uni vacation)

    Monday 12 December to Friday 23 December 2022

    Monday 27 March to Sunday 16 April 2023

    Langstone closures

    All bank holidays and the university Christmas shut down period; Saturday 24 December 2022 to Monday 2 January 2023.

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      Finding us and travel

      Our addresses, opening times and information about how you can travel to us - including information on the U2 sports bus.

      Aerial Photography; July 2019
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      Mobile Apps

      Our UOP Sport and UOP Fitness apps help make sure your experience is as simple as possible.

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Ravelin Internal Photos
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      It's easier when we work together - check out the partners we've linked with.

      Varsity March 2022 football
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      Policies and terms

      Check back in with all our policies, terms and rules of our services and facilities.

      Photo of staff helping visitors with queries at Reception - Ravelin Activities
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      Customer support

      Photo of staff helping visitors with queries at Reception - Ravelin Activities
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      Wildflower amphitheatre in Ravelin Park
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      External shots of Ravelin Building, new sports facility
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