Varsity 2023
Women's Hockey

Varsity Cup 2024

Represent Team UoP, have fun and take on the University of Southampton.

Current Varsity Score

Last updated: 28/04/2024 19:00.

Each Varsity fixture is worth four points, with two points each for a tie.

Portsmouth: 150

Southampton: 170

Southampton win Varsity Cup 2024

Varsity Fixtures

Please note Varsity fixtures may change slightly in the build up to the event - follow @uopsport on Instagram for updates

Sport Winner
Rugby M1 - Match For Magee Portsmouth
Equestrian 1 Portsmouth
Equestrian 2 Portsmouth
Sailing Southampton


As well as the main Portsmouth vs Southampton Varsity Cup, our Team UOP development teams will be competing with the Royal Navy. Last year was the inaugural edition of this competition, ending in a 10-10 draw.

We welcome all spectators to come and support Team UOP across the fixtures.

HMS Temeraire

Water Polo: Lost 3 - 23
Rowing (Indoor): Won 
Football (Women’s): Lost 2 - 3
Football (Men’s): Won 1 - 0

Ravelin Sports Centre

Fencing: Lost 1 - 7
Badminton: Lost 9 - 18
Netball: Lost 24 - 26
Swimming: Lost
Volleyball: Lost 1 - 2

Langstone Sports site

American Football: Lost 15 - 26

Overall score: University of Portsmouth 2 - 18 Royal Navy

Sport Winner
Netball 1 Portsmouth
Netball 2 Portsmouth
Netball 3 Portsmouth
Netball 4 Portsmouth
Netball 5 Portsmouth
Netball Dev 1 Portsmouth
Netball Dev 2 Portsmouth
Table Tennis M1 Southampton
American Football Mix 1 Portsmouth

Bus timetable to Langstone for the American Football game

Sport Winner
Basketball W1 Portsmouth
Basketball M1 Portsmouth
Basketball M2 Portsmouth
Basketball M3 (Dev) - Jazz Performance at Half Time Portsmouth
Taekwondo Southampton
Dodgeball Mix 1 (BUCS/Dev) Southampton
Dodgeball M2 Tie
Dodgeball W1 Tie
Dodgeball M1 Portsmouth
Squash Development Southampton
Squash Social Southampton
Swim A Southampton
Swim B Southampton
Swim C Southampton
Climbing Men's & Women's Southampton
Cricket Indoor W1 Portsmouth
Cricket Indoor M1 Portsmouth
Cricket Indoor M2 Southampton
Cricket Indoor M3 Southampton
Football M1 Portsmouth
Football M2 Portsmouth
Football M3 Portsmouth
Football M4 Tie
Football Dev 1 Southampton
Rugby M3 Portsmouth
Rugby M4 Southampton
Hockey W3 Southampton
Hockey M1 Southampton
Hockey W1 Southampton
Hockey M2 Southampton
Hockey W2 Southampton
Hockey M3 Southampton

Sport Winner
Archery Individual Southampton
Archery Team Southampton
Athletics Men's Portsmouth
Athletics Women's Southampton
Badminton M1 Southampton
Badminton M2 Tie
Badminton W1 Portsmouth
Fencing Men's Dev Southampton
Fencing Mixed Dev Southampton
Football W1 Tie
Football W2 Southampton
Futsal M1 Tie
Futsal M2 Portsmouth
Golf Mix 1sts Portsmouth
Golf Mix 2nds Portsmouth
Lacrosse M1 Southampton
Lacrosse Mix 1 Portsmouth
Lacrosse W1 Southampton
Rugby M2 Portsmouth
Rugby W1 Portsmouth
Squash M1 Southampton
Squash M2 Southampton
Squash W1 Southampton
Tennis M1 Southampton
Tennis M2 Tie
Tennis W1 Portsmouth
Tennis W2 Southampton
Trampoline Portsmouth
Ultimate Mix Dev Southampton
Volleyball M1 Southampton
Volleyball W1 Portsmouth
Volleyball team celebrating after a match

What's included with your Varsity ticket?

£12 main sale tickets include:

  • Entry to the event
  • Entry to Varsity Village, your fan zone for food and drink
  • Entry to the official Varsity Cup 2024 After-Party hosted at The Astoria
  • Some branded supporters merch
Basketball team celebrating after a match

Sports featured in Varsity

  • American Football
  • Archery
  • Athletics
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Climbing
  • Cricket
  • Dodgeball
  • Equestrian
  • Fencing
  • Football
  • Futsal
  • Golf
  • Gymnastics
  • Hockey
  • Lacrosse
  • Netball
  • Powerlifting
  • Rowing
  • Rugby
  • Sailing
  • Snow Sports
  • Squash
  • Swimming
  • Table Tennis
  • Taekwondo
  • Tennis
  • Rowing
  • Trampolining
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Volleyball
Varsity March 2022 spectators

Why should you attend?

There are loads of reasons why Varsity is such a great and worthwhile event to attend. 

  • Access a whole day of exciting and competitive sport
  • Get behind Team UOP and help to cheer them on
  • Meet loads of like-minded people
  • Feel part of something
  • Experience an incredible atmosphere

Varsity sponsors

Varsity March 2022 men's hockey

Carrington West

Our lead Team UOP sports club sponsor Carrington West is an award-winning, Portsmouth-based, technical recruitment company. Carrington West are the main partner of competitive sport at the University of Portsmouth.

The partnership sees Carrington West become the front of shirt sponsor for the University’s sports teams. Carrington West will also deliver educational seminars and workshops for students, ensuring that students get both on and off-the-field development opportunities, which is vital to their continued success in the graduate market.

Founded in 2011 Carrington West is experienced and successful in the recruitment community, providing high-calibre talent in the UK for highways, transport and infrastructure, town planning, water and environmental, utilities, power and telecoms, building and rail industries. They recruit interim, temporary and permanent professionals from entry to board level for private and public sector organisations.

Find out more

If you are not already familiar with Varsity Cup, it's the sporting event of the year here at the University of Portsmouth. Varsity sees Team University of Portsmouth take on the University of Southampton's sports clubs in as many sports as possible.

The rivalry between the two teams makes for an extremely exciting, action packed weekend of sport. Spectators are welcome to get behind our clubs and cheer them on.

The location of Varsity alternates each year between Portsmouth and Southampton. As we were the visiting team for Varsity 2023, we will be hosting Varsity in Portsmouth for 2024.

Varsity Cup 2024 tickets and T-shirts

All Varsity 2024 Tickets and T-Shirts are now available to purchase/collect from Ravelin Sports Centre reception.

Main Varsity Cup tickets: £12

Varsity Cup 2024 tickets include access to all Varsity fixtures, entry to Varsity Village, the Varsity after-party, and some branded merchandise. We've reduced the price to make it more affordable but included more fixtures for you.

Varsity T-Shirts: £10

Available from Tuesday 16 April, this year's Varsity T-shirts are separate from the main ticket and completely optional. A Varsity T-shirt does not include access to the event or after-party - if you are playing or spectating, you need the main Varsity ticket.

Varsity T-Shirts are available from Ravelin Sports Centre.

Family supporters wristbands: £5 per day

A limited number of spectator-only, entry-only wristbands are available from Tuesday 16 April. These wristbands are for entry only to spectate at Varsity fixtures on a specific day and do not include the T-shirt or branded merchandise. These wristbands are for friends and family who only want to spectate at a specific fixture and don't want the full Varsity experience. All Varsity competitors must purchase the main Varsity ticket.

Varsity Foam Fingers: £3

Available from Tuesday 16 April, nothing says I love sport like a foam finger waving above your head. Get your before they go

Varsity Foam Fingers are available from Ravelin Sports Centre.

Varsity Wristbands

Your Varsity wristband, included in the main ticket, will act as your entry to the event, so make sure you either wear it or bring it with you. Wristbands are now available for collection from Ravelin Sports Centre reception. Keep an eye on your emails and @uopsport on Instagram to stay up to date.

Make sure you have your ticket confirmation with you when you come to collect your wristband and merch.