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Referee hub

Discover the benefits of joining the Referee Hub, qualified or unqualified, and join a network of highly skilled referees

Our Referee Hub focuses on developing a network of highly skilled referees to officiate on a number of leagues at the University, and in the local community. We all know being a referee can be difficult at times, but the beautiful game would not exist without you. We want to raise standards to support the growth of football, and offer pathways for both qualified and unqualified referees.

Benefits of joining the Referee Hub

  • Gain nationally recognised qualifications
  • Enhance your employability and career prospects
  • Earn money whilst studying at University
  • Access a structured development and mentoring programme
  • Access CPD courses
  • Access additional refereeing opportunities outside of the University

Qualified referees

If you are a student who has completed your FA Basic Referee qualification already, you can join our Referee Hub as soon as you start University and access paid work. All you need to do is register your interest by completing the form below, and our Referee Activator will be in touch to arrange an induction with you.

Unqualified referees

If you would like to get involved in refereeing but you have not completed the FA Basic Referee qualification, you can register your interest by completing the form below for an application form to join our Referee Hub.

If successful, the University will pay for you to complete your qualification in return for you completing a number of voluntary games. You will be mentored by our Referee Activator before accessing paid work within one of our sports programmes.

Doing this course at uni was one of the best decisions I made. I met and worked with so many great people, hours are given fairly and to the people who deserve it, communication and origination were top quality, and was the perfect extra bit of income needed during my time in Portsmouth. It was great to also be nominated last year for Referee of the year and be recognised for the work we do.

Frank, Referee of the Year, 2017-18

For guidance or assistance in filling out the form below, please contact