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Swimming at Ravelin Sports Centre

Swim in our brand new, 25m, eight lane swimming pool

Swim between lectures, on your lunch breaks or at the beginning or end of the day. Ravelin Sports Centre is the home to a 25 metre, eight-lane swimming pool with a variable depth floor. Swimmers have views from the pool of the natural green spaces outside, creating the feeling of open-air swimming in the park.

Whether you are looking for the ideal place to take a quick dip, learn to swim or improve your fitness, our pool is ideal!

What we offer

Our swim timetable includes a range of sessions to take part in:

  • Lane swimming (2 metre depth)
  • Casual swimming (variable depth)
  • Members lane swimming
  • Swimming lessons 
  • Adult and toddler (under 5) sessions
  • Family swimming sessions (please check criteria and ratios in 'Family swim' section)
  • University swim club sessions
  • University water polo club sessions
  • Student only sessions
  • Over 50's sessions
  • Aqua classes


Swimming sessions explained

Clear the confusion before you jump in

For those who don’t want to swim continuously. It is open to all ages and abilities. Children under 16 must be supervised by an adult at all times, with a maximum of two children per adult. Children who are non-swimmers, or under the age of four must be within 2m of their guardian at all times, with a maximum of one child per adult. Snorkels and fins are not allowed.

Pool depth - 1.4m


This session is for competent swimmers who have 'swim' included as part of their membership (including Ultimate members, excluding the Swimming Club memberships) and who are able to swim continuously. Floats, pull buoys etc can be used but fins and hand paddles may only be used if there are less than 5 people in a lane. Snorkels are not allowed. Children under 16 may take part subject to a competency test.

Pool depth - 2m


This session is open to members and pay as you go customers who are competent swimmers and are able to swim continuously. Floats, pull buoys etc can be used but fins and hand paddles may only be used if there are less than 5 people in a lane. Snorkels are not allowed. Children under 16 may take part subject to a competency test.

Pool depth - 2m


This is not suitable for adults who wish to swim casually. All adults and children should be booked into the session and any relevant fees paid - prices are below. Children do not qualify for free access. Ratios are firmly in place taking into account Swim England recommendations of 1:1 adult:child if the child is Under 4 and 1:2 ratio adult:child if children are aged 4+.  Snorkels and fins are not allowed. 

Pool depth - 1.05m


For University of Portsmouth students and those with BUCS Universal membership only. Similar to casual swim, it is aimed at social swimming following the pool rules and regulations. Snorkels and fins are not allowed.

Pool depth - 1.4m

For responsible adults aged 18 and over with a toddler only. Toys and floatation aids can be used. Ratios are firmly in place taking into account Swim England recommendations of 1:1 adult:child if the child is Under 4. Snorkels and fins are not allowed.

Pool depth - 1.05m

This swim session is aimed at those participants over 50 who do not want to swim continuously in a lane and is more of a social swim. No children will be allowed in these sessions. Snorkels are not allowed.

Pool depth - 2m or 1.4m Check the UOP Sport app for the depth of each specific session.

Swimming timetable

You can find the most up to date swimming session schedule on the UOP Sport app.

Check out our flexible membership options and pick the best one for you, then start swimming!

Super Session Pass

Do you want to enjoy the benefits of a Super membership without tying yourself up for a month? Or are you a regular pay-as-you-go user and want to pay less for your sessions? Get our Super Session Pass and enjoy 10 Gym, Swim or Fitness classes in Ravelin Sports Centre for only £55

See our pool for yourself

Our brand new 8-lane 25m pool.

Book today

You can book this activity on the UOP Sport app, or through our online booking system.

Maximising usage

The floating floor allows us to set the lanes to different depths, meaning that children’s swimming lessons can take place in one half of the pool, whilst lane swimming takes place in the other lanes. Lanes 1-4 are permanently set at 2m depth and lanes 5-8 are variable depths.

Please note that if you wish to take part in standard lane swimming sessions, you must be a competent swimmer, as the depth of the pool will be set to 2 metres across all lanes.

How can you access our swimming pool?

Swimming is automatically included in all memberships. If you do have a membership, you will be able to book onto the relevant sessions through our UOP Sport mobile app before visiting.

If you are not a member and would like to use the pool, there are also pay as you go options. Prices are listed below.

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Track your swims with SWIMTAG

SWIMTAG can track the number of lengths you swim, split time, stroke type, stroke rate, average pace, distance per stroke, calorie burn and rest percentage. This information allows you to keep track of your swims, set challenges and compete against other users. Either use your own smartwatch or a SWIMTAG wristband from reception. You can create an account and use this service free of charge! The homepage will keep you up to date with latest achievements. We hope this service will help you to continually improve and stay motivated.


Sauna and steam room

As an added bonus, when you get access to the swimming pool, you will also be able to use our sauna and steam room. Not only will our sauna and steam room offer relaxation and escapism, they also increase circulation, reduce stress levels and hydrate skin. You can book steam and sauna sessions on the day through the UOP Sport mobile app when you're ready to use it - this is to ensure you don't need to take up a place for the pool to access the steam room and sauna. What better way to end your swim sessions?

Swimming  Member PAYG adult PAYG child
Casual swim - 55 minutes  Free £6.00 £4.00
Lane swim* - 55 minutes  Free  £6.00 £4.00
Student-only swim sessions  - 55 minutes  Free £4.25 N/A
Over 50's only swim sessions - 55 minutes  Free  £5.25 N/A
Adult and toddler swim - 55 minutes  Free £6.00 £4.00
Family swim - 55 minutes  Free £6.00 £4.00
Steam Room/Sauna Free £6.00 N/A

*Lane swimming sessions are only open to those who are competent swimmers as the pool is 2 metres for these sessions. If a child wishes to attend a lane swimming session, their competency will have to be assessed beforehand.

Please note: Children aged under 16 must be accompanied by an adult swimmer. Ultimate members can allocate one under 16 swimmer to swim for free. Please check our terms for supervision ratios.

Aqua classes

We are also incredibly excited to introduce aqua classes to the range of activities we offer. Please note that these classes are only included in the Ultimate memberships and will need to be booked onto and paid for on a pay-as-you-go basis. Members will get a discounted price compared to non-members. The aqua classes we offer are:

  • FloatFIT (HIIT and Balance)
  • Aqua Zumba

Check out the UOP Sport mobile app for the most up-to-date times.

Aqua classes Ultimate Member Core/Super member PAYG fee
Per class - 30/45 mins Free £6.25 £8.00

If you have any more queries about swimming, you can talk to a member of our team at the reception of Ravelin Sports Centre (once we are open, soon). Alternatively, you can email us:

University of Portsmouth Swimming Club is open to all UoP students. They are regular users of Ravelin Sports Centre's pool. Join the club to Play, Train and Compete!

Swimming lessons

Adult swimming lessons

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Child Swimming lessons

Children swimming in the pool at Ravelin Sport Centre.
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