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Ravelin Sports Centre building updates

We want to keep you up to date with our snagging list

We receive many comments daily about some ongoing issues within Ravelin Sports Centre. We want to be clear, open and honest about what is currently happening but there are occasions when we do not have an update. While Ravelin Sports Centre is new there are many things that are still under warranty and with most building projects there is a snagging list that can affect us acting quickly. We have created this page to update you about the progress of some commonly known issues.

Status updates for key issues

  • Car park

The Ravelin Sports Centre car park is now open - for more information please visit our Parking at Ravelin Sports Centre page.

  • Hairdryers

We are working hard on a solution for the hairdryers in the wetside changing areas fixed which have had to be redesigned by the construction company to find a suitable long-term solution to stop them from breaking. We're still experiencing ongoing issues trying to get the hairdryers replaced and installed by the construction company. 

While we wait for these to be replaced, we know it's less than ideal but you can use the hair dryers in the following locations:

  1. Wetside group changing areas can be used when there are no school or group bookings in the pool (the signs on the door will be changed when there are bookings)
  2. Dryside group changing rooms on first floor
  3. Dryside ground floor changing rooms (if you hold a membership with gym or fitness classes in your membership)
  • Swimming costume spinner

We receive lots of comments about a swimming costume dryer being installed in the wet-side changing rooms. These machines consume a lot of energy and are not environmentally sustainable which contravenes our aim to be the UK’s most sustainable sports centre in the UK. While we appreciate this is not ideal - we do sell small drawstring bags at reception to keep your swimming kit together until you get home.

  • Public Wifi

Improved public wifi is in the final stages of implementation and testing and will give enhanced access across the building. We will also shortly be installing wifi boosters in the sports hall so that suitable levels of connectivity can be achieved throughout the building. 

  • Gym equipment connectivity

We are working with our Information Services team to find the best solutions to ensure high-quality data connectivity for our gym equipment and how these link to your mobile phones or wearable technology. A number of our machines have now been hard-wired and further improvements to network connections will shortly give us much quicker and stronger connectivity solutions.

  • Building signage

We have now installed the first of our major building signage (East side corner by the roundabout) with a similar high-level lit sign being installed on the north face of the building in the next few weeks. We will then be having a large sculptural sign made from the same terracotta baguettes the building is wrapped in installed in the plaza area in front of the building in the next month which can be illuminated and will really set the look and feel of the space.

  • External park and associated lighting

Part of the pathway safety lighting in the park (which exits on Museum Road) has been intermittently failing on a number of occasions and our maintenance teams are working hard with the building contractors to try and identify the fault and put in place a long-term fix. We hope this will be in the next few weeks 

  • Additional foyer seating

We are aware of how popular the seating is in our main foyer and around our social spaces. We are looking to procure more seating over the next few months to make these spaces more accessible for more of our customers.


Ravelin Sports Centre feedback

If you have any suggestions or comments about Ravelin Sports Centre please complete our feedback form. We read every comment, even though we cannot respond to everyone.