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Play, train, compete... the choice is yours

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There’s no time in your life like the time you spend at university. It’s a chance to explore who you are and what you can achieve. You can push boundaries and break barriers.

You don’t have to be an elite performer to love sport at the University of Portsmouth. At Portsmouth, getting involved in sport doesn’t have to be about talent. Determination is what matters. You’ve come this far. There’s no limit to how much further you can go. So even if you’ve never laced up a pair of trainers, there’s no better moment than right now.

Play, train, compete…the choice is yours.

Gez Matthews — VP Sport

The VP Sport supports the development of sports clubs and recreational activities at the Union and encourages student engagement. They represent the student voice on sporting issues both locally and nationally. Although mainly based at the Union, Gez has a large cross over to Sport and Recreation to represent the 24 sports clubs within Sport and Recreation. Gez provides the voice for students in all things sport.

I have been interested in sport since I was very young and have graduated in Exercise and Fitness Management. Rugby has been a huge part of my life for a long time and has helped me to grow in confidence and develop teamwork skills. My role as club captain allowed me to see more about how university sport works and the best ways to try and run a club. I’m looking forward to taking on big projects such as the Rainbow Laces campaign and This Girl Can as well as making my own projects to promote and develop university sport.

Gez Matthews, VP Sport

Speak to Gez if you have any questions about student sport while at university.

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