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PUBLIC membership

We welcome everyone in the local community to our outstanding Ravelin Sports Centre

Ravelin Sports Centre will open soon.

All of the information included on this page related to Ravelin Sports Centre will apply once it is fully open.

Ravelin Sports Centre is a University of Portsmouth facility, however, we’re open to the public too. Anyone over the age of 16 can sign up. Some of our longest-serving members are from the local community.

Now that we have the all-new Ravelin Sports Centre, we have the capacity to open up to even more members of the community and provide a hub for exercise and sport. We offer great value memberships that will provide you with a range of activity options, chosen by you, so you can keep your workouts varied. Why not come in, take a look around and join in the fun. 

Please note: If you are over the age of 65, you are able to qualify for an Associate Membership.
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One-Month Memberships for St. Paul's Gym

Access St. Paul's Gym at great value, until Ravelin Sports Centre Opens.

One-month memberships for St. Paul's Gym are available, at great value to keep you fit and active whilst we wait for Ravelin Sports Centre to open in 2022. Includes fitness classes and unlimited gym access.

Join now for only £10 per month

Sign up for one of our health and fitness memberships, get yourself Ravelin ready. No joining fee.

Ravelin Sports Centre prices

Our memberships were created with flexibility in mind, which is why we offer 3 options, so you can select the activities that you think you will enjoy and benefit from most.


Choose 2 activity options:

  • Swim (incl. Steam and Sauna)

Simple, straightforward access to our facilities, no joining fee.

Choose your favourite two activities to get started today.

£35 p/m


Available soon


Choose 1 activity to add on (to your core membership):

  • Swim (incl. Steam and Sauna)

More choice from your membership, more activities available, same great facilities. No joining fee.

£40 p/m


Available soon


All activities included:

No joining fees, no long term contract, simply great value.

£42.50 p/m


Available soon

Why you should join us

Deciding on which gym is best for you may seem difficult, you may be torn between a few different ones or undecided completely. When you sign up for a Ravelin Sports Centre you will be provided with so much more than a gym membership. We can make your decision an incredibly easy one. Find out what sets us apart from other facilities below.


Start working towards your fitness goals today at St. Paul's Gym. 

Frequently asked questions

Of course. The only requirement is that you must be 16 or over to use the gym and attend classes.

We don't offer free trial sessions, however you are able to purchase a single gym session pass for £3.

If you consider yourself to be a competent gym user you will not be required to book an induction. However, if you are not a confident gym user you can book a free 1-to-1 gym induction with one of our fitness instructors.

No joining fee, just quick access.

You can freeze your direct debit for a maximum of 3 months. In order to do this, we must receive written notice (to of your desire to freeze, and dates to be frozen between – but this must be with a minimum of one month's notice. However, you cannot freeze a 12 month (annual) or 6 month membership, this runs from the day you sign up until 6/12 months later. 

If you have a direct debit membership you will need to email with your 1 month cancellation notice.

Once you have activated your membership, download our app UOP Sport, use your email and password to log in then you can book classes as you please! If you need help with your password please speak to any member of staff.

Memberships to University sports clubs are only open to University of Portsmouth students.

Unfortunately not, we know it's boring, but due to health and safety requirements, we need each individual to sign up to ensure they agree to our health commitment statement, terms, conditions and rules of use as well as confirm gym competency.

We don't currently offer a family membership. Our Ultimate memberships do however include one designated under 16 swim whenever you swim, they'll also get a discount on other activities. Your designated under 16 can be assigned to your account on your first visit.

Public and associate members will be able to collect either a wristband or an RFID sticker (which can be stuck to your phone) this will give you access to all the areas of the sports centre you need to be able to do the activities you have selected as part of your membership.