Discipline Policy and Procedure

Executive Summary

This document sets out the disciplinary policy for Team UoP members, an explanation on misconduct and the procedure taken after misconduct has been shown. The procedures include University Discipline policy and Team UoP Discipline procedure. 
To discuss this further please contact (Sports Development Officer-Student Experience)

1. UPSU and Sport and Recreation Partnership

1.1 The University’s Department of Sport and Recreation work in partnership with Portsmouth Students Union to deliver all aspects of sport and physical activity. Part of this work involves the Sports Governance Model whereby Team UoP staff and UPSU staff both share information in relation to club member’s duty of care, misconduct cases and common themes that are areas for concern. Information will be shared transparently and both organisations will be alerted of issues involving their groups/members at the time of complaint. 
1.2The University of Portsmouth and the Students Union work in partnership to deliver a broad range of University sport and physical activity. As part of this partnership, we work together to give a positive student experience and build a sense of belonging through sport. We aim to do this through positive representation of our clubs/groups, expecting the code of conduct to be adhered to and working to raise the profile of sport and the University. If individual members or clubs/groups bring negative representation to either organisation or break the Team UoP code of conduct, we will follow the same disciplinary process and will work together for consistency.’

2. What is Misconduct?

2.1 Every student is an ambassador for the University and, accordingly, is expected to behave in a way that enhances its reputation. Whether playing home, away or abroad, sports club and physical activity group members are considered to be representing the University and Team UoP at any activity or event organised by Team UoP or their specific club. This includes both during competition and socially whilst wearing any Team UoP/UPSU/University uniform/kit/logo. Any student that is considered to be representing Team UoP must therefore not act in any way that is deemed damaging to the University’s reputation.
2.2 Put shortly, misconduct or improper behaviour by a person(s) is unacceptable. 
2.3 Examples of irresponsible behaviour and misconduct include, but are not limited to:
2.3.1 Misconduct at both matches and training sessions e.g. use of violent, disorderly, threatening, intimidating or offensive behaviour or language to any University of Portsmouth student, staff member, Team UoP coach, visiting sports team or spectators.
2.3.2 Bullying and harassment (including racism and homophobia) of any University of Portsmouth student, staff member, Team UoP coach, spectator or visiting sports team, including online or through other forms of communication such as text/Whatsapp.
2.3.3 Retaining information on a complaint or serious incident that involves any Team UoP clubs, committee, members or anyone linked to Team UoP, by not making Sport and Recreation aware of the complaint or serious incident.
2.3.4 Breaking the Code of Student Behaviour, as set out by the University.
2.3.5 Anti-social behaviour off the pitch at club socials whether on or off campus, that impacts on Team UoP reputation or member’s wellbeing. Clubs have a responsibility for any club organised activity, this includes no initiations/hazings, including social events that may be deemed a ‘club tradition’ but is inappropriate.
2.3.6 Causing damage or harm to any University of Portsmouth student, staff member, Team UoP coach, spectator or visiting sports team.
2.3.7 Theft, misappropriation or misuse of University property or owned equipment i.e. equipment bought through your club budget.
2.3.8 Breaching rules set out by your sport’s NGB, BUCS and competition or event organisers.
2.3.9 Failure to comply with the University’s social media guidance.
2.3.10 Failure to adhere to Covid-19 guidance/restriction and procedures in relation to ‘return to play’.
2.3.11 Any other behaviour which brings the University into disrepute.

3. The Disciplinary Process

3.1 Step 1: Investigation 
3.2 If at any point the expectation and conduct expected of Team UoP clubs or members is breached, the investigation process begins:
3.2.1 Team UoP staff will meet with all parties involved in the complaint
3.2.2 Team UoP staff will decide which route will be taken and any action following this
3.2.3 NB - if the investigation involves a zero tolerance element of behaviour or misconduct, step 1 can be bypassed and a decision will be made on any action to be taken. 
You can view our process flow chart on the Team UOP website.

The investigation may involve interviewing witnesses, taking witness statements, viewing social media/communications, checking club emails and viewing CCTV or video recordings and gathering any other such evidence as appropriate. If the complaint involves both Team UoP, and UPSU clubs/groups - the investigation will be carried out jointly by staff from both organisations. Either organisation can call upon the other’s support at any point during a disciplinary for support and consistency. 

There are 3 routes that can be taken following the investigation:
3.4.1 Route 1: Team UoP staff to take no further action OR work with the club/individual involved through mediation, support and education.
3.4.2 Route 2: Team UoP staff to take formal disciplinary action, mediation/support takes place, or impose a sanction or suspension of membership.
3.4.3 Route 3: The matter is handed over to the University’s Principal Academic Standards and Quality Officer, within the Department of Student and Academic Administration (DSAA).
Route 2 is based upon any club/member of Team UoP showing misconduct related to zero tolerance behaviour or breaking Team UoP’s Code of Conduct. Route 3 is based on any student member breaking the University’s Code of Student Behaviour.

Step 2: Outcome
3.5.1 All parties involved in the complaint will be notified via a follow-up meeting or email. Details will include: the investigation outcome, an explanation of the decision, details of which route has been taken and the next steps to be taken.

3.6 Step 3: Next Steps
3.6.1 Route 1: A meeting will be held to decide on appropriate mediation, support and education.
3.6.2 Route 2: Mediation, support or potential sanctions/suspension of membership imposed and an explanation of how they will be imposed.
3.6.3 Route 3: The University’s Principal Academic Standards & Quality Officer, within the Department of Student and Academic Administration. (DSAA) will pass the incident onto your Head of Department for your academic studies. It will then be dealt with by your Head of Department or it will be escalated.

3.7 Team UoP staff reserve the right to suspend a member from Team UoP for as long as it considers appropriate while an investigation and any subsequent disciplinary procedures are complete. This may include but is not limited to prevention of taking part in Team UoP activities. 

3.8 Team UoP staff will notify all parties involved of the period of time for which the sanction, support or education will remain in force.
All documentation linked to the investigation will be stored confidentially with the relevant Team UoP staff member. These documents will be retained for three years, as per University guidelines, except in exceptional cases where they may be stored for longer. 

4. Team UoP Potential Sanctions

4.1 Training session bans (one off or set period of time).
4.2 Match bans (one off or set period of time).
4.3 Fine for property/equipment damages.
4.4 Ban from club related events (on the pitch and socially).
4.5 Suspension from the club (set time period).
4.6 Expulsion from the club with no opportunity to rejoin any club in future academic years (removal of club membership with no refund).
4.7 Removal of ability to hire out or use University facilities.
4.8 Suspension of teams for a set period of time.
4.9 Suspension and/or expulsion from BUCS league.
4.10 Suspension and/or expulsion from Campus Sport league.
4.11 Lost opportunity to attend Team UoP events such as Sports Awards, Varsity among other events.
4.12 If any incidents occur at the end of a season, the sanctions may be levied for the following year.

5. Team UoP Education and Support

5.1 Student Wellbeing Service referral.
5.2 Mediation.
5.3 Personal Development Plan (Sports Exec and Committee roles).
5.4 Speak UP Step UP.
5.5 Drugs and alcohol awareness.
5.6 Diversity, equality and inclusiveness. 
5.7 Solent Mind Recovery College/Hub.

6. Having the Right to Appeal

6.1 If you are dissatisfied with the outcome and wish to appeal the decision made, you must progress the matter in writing within 5 working days of the outcome of the decision being confirmed. All appeals must be sent to the Head of Sport and Recreation:

6.2 The Head of Sport will take one of the following actions:
If the appeal is considered to be invalid, it may be dismissed 
The Head of Sport may request an appeals meeting to discuss the matter
If it appears that the matter can be resolved through further consideration, the Department of Sport and Recreation may be requested to reconsider its decision