Booking terms

Please read carefully before signing the booking Contract. Facilities will not be booked until a signed contract is received. The University facilities are let on the basis of the booking details as described on the booking contract. For all information relating to the booking contract please contact the Sports Finance Administrator.

1. Acceptance of booking and payment terms

1.1 A signed contract using must be returned before the booking is confirmed.

1.2 The University of Portsmouth reserves the right to ask for bankers and/or other references and may require an initial deposit and/or full payment in advance. No booking will be taken or accepted whilst previous accounts are outstanding.

1.3 Invoices are to be paid in full within 30 days.

2. Cancellations

2.1. The University of Portsmouth may cancel a booking with at least 28 days’ notice if the University is rendered unable wholly, or in part, to carry out its obligations for any reason and will therefore be released from those obligations, which can no longer be fulfilled.

2.2 Up to 50% of the full booking fee may be charged where a booking is cancelled or the amount of facilities required are reduced by the organiser, within one month of the booking.

2.3 Full payment will be charged if a booking is cancelled by the organiser or the amount of facilities required are reduced as follows:

2.3.1 Within 24 hours of booking grass pitches.

2.3.2 Within 48 hours of booking all other facilities.

2.4 Our office hours are Monday to Friday 09:30 – 14:30. Any cancellations received out of office hours will be classed as having been received the next working day.

3. Force majeure

3.1 If the University of Portsmouth is rendered unable wholly, or in part, to carry out its obligations by reason of force majeure, then the University will give notice and will therefore be released from those obligations, which can no longer be fulfilled. Force Majeure will be interpreted to include circumstances beyond the control of the University.

3.2 In the event of an industrial dispute affecting the booking, the University of Portsmouth will do everything in its power for the convenience of the participants, but regrets it cannot accept responsibility for any difficulty, which may occur, or for the lack of a particular service.

3.3 All arrangements are made in good faith according to the dates of terms/University closures as published by the University, plus national Bank Holidays and facility maintenance as known at the time of booking.

4. Vacating premises

4.1 If the organiser or their servants, or subcontractors or agents, fail to vacate the University premises by the end of the agreed booking period, the University shall hold the organiser responsible for all additional costs or losses, including consequential losses.

4.2 The Astro Turf Pitch, 3G Pitch and MUGA lights at our outdoor facilities will be switched off at 10pm regardless of state of play due to planning application rules.

5. Insurance and risk

5.1 The University of Portsmouth regrets that it cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to the property of the organiser, staff or visitors, however caused.

5.2 The organiser must accept full responsibility of any damage to any University property or equipment, fair wear and tear excepted.

5.3 The University cannot accept responsibility for any losses or consequential losses suffered by the organiser as a result of cancellation of a booking or bookings for any reason.

5.4 Persons using the University’s premises or facilities do so at their own risk.

5.5 The organiser undertakes to indemnify the University against all loss, damage or liability arising from the booking.

5.6 Responsibility for insurance to cover losses, damage and other liability in connection with the booking and/or affecting participants rests with the organiser.

Booking rules

1. Outdoor facilities

1.1 Appropriate footwear must be worn on all outdoor facilities, players with non appropriate boots will not be allowed to partake in activity. Please check the University Sport and Recreation website for details.

1.2 Trainers and astro shoes only allowed on Astro and MUGA netball courts and football cages.

1.3 Bookings of grass football pitches will require assistance from participants to move portable goals in and out of position to ensure safety when setting up and breaking down after use. Please phone sports staff at the end of session on Duty Mobile 07714658924 for assistance.

1.4 Any problems, accidents or incidents during a booking at the outdoor facilities are to be reported immediately to sports staff on the duty mobile, see Incident procedures below.

1.5 Smoking is not permitted within any activity or facility.

1.6 No alcohol is permitted on site unless prior agreement with Sport and Recreation.

1.7 No catering (unless provided by UOP) can be brought onto any facility, this includes flasks/urns of hot/cold drinks.

1.8 No selling of any food or drinks on site is allowed.

1.9 No chewing gum or litter to be left on the courts, pitches or grass areas, please use litter bins provided.

1.10 No dogs allowed on site except guide dogs.

2. Indoor booking

2.1 Only appropriate sportswear can be worn in the indoor activity areas i.e. no jeans, tops to be worn at all times.

2.2 Only non-marking indoor shoes can be worn in the indoor activity areas.

2.3 Smoking is not permitted within any activity or any indoor facility.

2.4 No food or drink permitted in the gym, sports halls, studios or squash courts, except bottles of water.

3. Incident procedure

3.1 In the event of any accident/incident please contact a member of sports department staff on duty, who will deal with the situation and take appropriate action.

3.2 If you are unable to locate a duty member of sports staff, ring the duty mobile no 07714658924 for outdoor facilities or 02392845503 for gym, sport hall and studio facilities.

3.3 If you are unable to locate/contact a duty member of sports staff then where necessary you should contact the emergency services on 999/112. State the nature of the emergency and assistance required.

3.4 Keep any casualties warm and still. If at all possible avoid moving any casualties.

3.5 Where necessary, a member of sports staff or qualified club members may administer first aid.

3.6 All accidents/incidents must be reported to the sports staff.

3.7 Remember - Stay calm and cooperate fully with the sports staff on duty and the emergency services.

Sports dept/duty mobile: 07714658924

Emergency services: 999/112

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