Block booking terms

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before signing the booking contract. Facilities will not be booked until a signed contract is received. The University facilities are let on the basis of the booking details as described on the booking contract. For all information relating to the booking contract please contact:

Sports Finance Administrator
University of Portsmouth,
Department of Sport and Recreation
Ravelin Sports Centre,
Cambridge Road,
Portsmouth, PO1 2SE

Tel: 023 9284 3915


1. Acceptance of booking and payment terms

1.1 A signed contract must be returned before the booking is confirmed.

1.2 The University of Portsmouth reserves the right to ask for banker references and/or other references and may require an initial deposit and/or full payment in advance. No booking will be taken or accepted whilst previous accounts are outstanding.

1.3 Bookings can be paid by either invoicing or online payment via credit/debit card.

1.3.1 Invoices are to be paid in full within 30 days.

1.3.2 Internal bookings can be paid for by journal voucher.

1.4 You warrant that you have the authority to bind the organisation which you are signing on behalf of and acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to ensure that you and anyone attending the booking/event, as the organiser, comply at all times with the University of Portsmouth Department of Sport and Recreation terms, conditions, rules and regulations, including the booking rules outlined below.

1.5 To confirm your booking we may need to see evidence of suitable qualifications from staff, coaches or volunteers. Failure to provide suitable evidence may result in further charges to enable us to supply qualified staff for your booking.

1.5.1 The University of Portsmouth reserves the right to determine what is a suitable qualification and in some cases may require the staff, coach or volunteer to attend an on-site induction prior to the booking taking place.

1.6 Any additional expenses or fees that have occurred after agreement by the organiser, that have not been quoted in the agreed contract, would need to be amended before the event takes place. In some cases a new contract may be required.

2. Cancellations

2.1 The University of Portsmouth may cancel a booking/event with at least 28 days’ notice if the University is rendered unable wholly, or in part, to carry out its obligations for any reason and will therefore be released from those obligations, which can no longer be fulfilled.

2.2 Up to 50% of the full booking fee may be charged where a booking/event is cancelled or the number of facilities required are reduced by the organiser, within one month of the booking.

2.3 Full payment will be charged if a booking/event is cancelled by the organiser or the number of facilities required is reduced as follows:

2.3.1 Within 24 hours of booking grass pitches.

2.3.2 Within 48 hours of booking all other facilities.

2.4 Our office hours are Monday to Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm. Any cancellations received out of office hours will be classed as having been received the next working day.

2.5 In the event, due to adverse weather conditions, that grass pitches and outdoor facilities need to be cancelled the duty sports staff will notify the organiser on the day of the booking, the bookings team will look to rearrange the booking at no extra cost to the organiser. Where this is not possible a credit will be added to the organiser account for future use.

2.6 In relation cancellations connected to COVID, any cancellations with less than the required notice period will be charged in accordance with our terms and conditions, unless governmental restrictions mean that the facilities can't be used.

3. Force majeure

3.1 If the University of Portsmouth is rendered unable wholly, or in part, to carry out its obligations by reason of a force majeure event, then the University will give notice and will therefore be released from those obligations, which can no longer be fulfilled. For the purposes of these terms and conditions, a force majeure event will be interpreted to include all circumstances beyond the control of the University which includes the potential suspension of services as part of measures required as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

3.2 In the event of an industrial dispute affecting the booking, the University of Portsmouth will do everything in its power for the convenience of the participants, but regrets it cannot accept responsibility for any difficulty, which may occur, or for the lack of a particular service.

3.3 All arrangements are made in good faith according to the dates of terms/University closures as published by the University, plus national Bank Holidays and facility maintenance as known at the time of booking.

4. Vacating premises

4.1 If the organiser or their servants, or subcontractors or agents, fail to vacate the University premises by the end of the agreed booking period, the University shall hold the organiser responsible for all additional costs or losses, including any consequential losses incurred by the University.

4.2 The Astro Turf Pitch, 3G Pitch and MUGA lights at our outdoor facilities will be switched off at 10.00pm regardless of the state of play due to planning application rules.

5. Insurance and Risk

5.1 The University of Portsmouth regrets that it cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to the property of the organiser, staff or visitors, however caused.

5.2 The organiser must accept full responsibility for any damage to any University property or equipment, fair wear and tear excepted.

5.3 The University cannot accept responsibility for any losses or consequential losses suffered by the organiser as a result of the cancellation of a booking or bookings for any reason.

5.4 Persons using the University’s premises or facilities do so at their own risk.

5.5 The organiser undertakes to indemnify the University against all loss, damage or liability arising from the booking.

5.6 Responsibility for insurance to cover losses, damage and other liability in connection with the booking and/or affecting participants rests with the organiser.

5.7 Block bookings/events will be subject to completion of a satisfactory risk assessment and/or public liability insurance where required by law or otherwise indicated by Sports Staff.

6. Disclosure and barring service checks

6.1 It is your responsibility to ensure that any groups and voluntary organisations accompanying children and vulnerable adults, using the facilities, comply with legislation governing the protection of such persons. It is our policy to seek assurances of such compliance and accordingly by signing the Booking Form. You warrant and represent:

  • Appropriate Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks have been conducted in relation to all staff and/ or volunteers accompanying children or vulnerable adults while at our facilities; and no person whose checks indicate that he or she is unsuitable to work with children or vulnerable adults will be included in any activities taking place at our facilities.

7. Health, Safety and Physical Activity

7.1 Users will comply with the University of Portsmouth’s Health and Safety Policy.

7.2 UOP, the Department of Sport and Recreation, sports staff and it’s volunteers will adhere to the University of Portsmouth‘s safeguarding policy.

7.3 Users must check facilities before use and report any concerns immediately to Sports Staff.

7.4 Sport and Recreation reserve the right to refuse access to any Facility or area of a Facility if it is deemed to be unsafe or unsuitable for use. This includes where the recommended number of users for a Facility has been reached.

7.5 Notices and signs (including digital) displayed around Sport and Recreation Facilities (indoor and outdoor) must be obeyed at all times. Notice boards and door sign holders will be updated with important information and should be regularly checked by all Members.

7.6 All accidents that occur on Sport and Recreation Facilities must be reported to a member of Sports Staff immediately by contacting reception.

7.7 Any vehicles parked in University of Portsmouth car parks, including all contents, are the owner’s responsibility and no liability will be accepted by the University. The University of Portsmouth does not in any way seek to limit or exclude its liability for death or personal injury caused by its negligence (or its liability for fraud).

7.8 Sports staff will not tolerate rude, abusive or inappropriate behaviour in-person or online and reserve the right to cancel a booking or refuse entry to the Facilities at short notice. In extreme cases, University security staff may be called, and subsequently, police, should staff feel threatened; and or intimidated by any individual/s behaviour or actions. Bookings may be suspended or cancelled if deemed appropriate due to the actions of the organiser.

7.9 No electrical equipment may be brought into any indoor facility without prior approval by the Centre Manager.

7.10 All electrical items must conform to relevant legal standards and may only be used after confirmation of acceptability by the Centre Manager.

7.11 Sport and Recreation will not be responsible for any harm that you suffer as a result of taking part in any activity unless it is caused by our negligence or our failure to take reasonable care.

8. Limitation of Liability

8.1 We will compensate you for any loss or damage you may suffer if we fail to carry out our obligations under this Agreement or to a reasonable standard or breach any duties imposed on us by law (including if we cause death or personal injury to you by our negligence) unless the loss or damage is attributable to: your own fault or; a third party unconnected with our provision of services under this Agreement or; events which neither we nor our suppliers could have foreseen or forestalled even if we had taken all reasonable care.

8.2 Our liability to compensate you for any loss or damage (in the case of loss or damage other than death or personal injury) is limited to £200 having regard to such factors as whether the damage was due to a negligent act or omission by us.

9. Privacy and monitoring

9.1 Your personal data will be used to contact you regarding your booking and/or usage. By signing a booking contract with us you consent to the use of your personal data being processed on a contractual basis in this manner. For more information on how we use your data please read our privacy policy.

9.2 For security and safety purposes, our premises are monitored using CCTV.

Booking rules

10. Use of facilities

10.1 The organiser is permitted to use the facilities booked upon agreement of the booking contract. The University does, however, reserve the right to close the Facility for any period of time when required for extreme weather conditions, staff training, tournaments, exhibitions or other activities, or in connection with any repair, alteration or other maintenance work. Advance notice of any closure periods will be given wherever possible.

10.2 For the avoidance of doubt the organiser or their servants, or subcontractors or agents are not permitted to use any other facility owned by the University of Portsmouth without prior agreement.

10.3 Filming and photography of events, Sports Staff, Members or guests will be subject to prior approval from the Centre Manager.

10.3.1 Personal filming and photography from a mobile device for social media or workout tracking is permitted with the exception of clause 10.3.2 but you should ensure you do not capture any other customers or staff within your images/footage. Please speak to a member of staff before you start filming.

10.3.2 Filming and photography is strictly prohibited in the changing rooms, pool area (including viewing gallery), steam room and sauna. This includes images of the pool area taken from reception.

10.3.3 If you wish to photograph or video as part of a group booking or session, it must first be approved by the Centre Manager. Particularly if this is for match analysis or academic research needs. The University of Portsmouth is in no way responsible for the collection, storage and use of media collected during your booking. As the bookee, you are responsible for the collection of consent, and you should ensure the responsible collection of suitable individuals to photograph/video. You should also follow data protection guidelines to ensure you are acting ethically and responsibly. You should ensure you do not capture any individual, not involved with your booking, and in any other areas of our sports facilities, without prior consent. Depending on the nature of your photography and filming we may decline your request.

10.4 The University of Portsmouth reserves the right to refuse entry if we deem you to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, deeming it unsafe for you and others to use the sports facilities.

11. Outdoor facilities

11.1 Appropriate footwear must be worn on all outdoor facilities, players with non-appropriate footwear will not be allowed to partake in activity.

11.1.1 Only trainers and astro shoes are allowed on the Synthetic Turf Pitch (Astro) and Multi-Use Games Area netball courts and football cages.

11.2 Bookings of grass football pitches will require assistance from participants to move portable goals in and out of position to ensure safety when setting up and breaking down after use. Please phone sports staff on Duty Mobile 077 1465 8924 at the end of your session for assistance.

11.3 Any problems, accidents or incidents during a booking at the outdoor facilities are to be reported immediately to sports staff on the duty mobile, see our incident procedure in section 12.

11.4 Smoking is not permitted within any activity or facility.

11.5 No alcohol is permitted on site unless prior agreement with Sport and Recreation.

11.6 No catering (unless provided by UOP) can be brought onto any facility, this includes flasks/urns of hot/cold drinks.

11.6.1 No food should be consumed pitch-side.

11.7 No selling of any food or drinks on site is allowed.

11.8 No chewing gum or litter to be left on the courts, pitches or grass areas, please use litter bins provided.

11.9 No dogs are allowed on site, except guide dogs. Sports staff may ask the organiser or their servants, or subcontractors or agents, or visitors to vacate the premises should a dog be bought on site.

12. Incident procedure

12.1 In the event of any accident/incident please contact a member of sports department staff on duty, who will deal with the situation and take appropriate action.

12.2 If you are unable to locate a duty member of sports staff, ring the duty mobile number 077 1465 8924 for outdoor facilities or 023 9284 5555 for gym, sport hall and studio facilities.

12.3 If you are unable to locate/contact a duty member of sports staff then where necessary you should contact the emergency services on 999/112. State the nature of the emergency and assistance required.

12.4 Keep any casualties warm and still. If at all possible avoid moving any casualties.

12.5 Where necessary, a member of sports staff or qualified club members may administer first aid.

12.6 All accidents/incidents must be reported to the sports staff.

12.7 Remember - stay calm and cooperate fully with the sports staff on duty and the emergency services.

Langstone Sports Site duty mobile: 077 1465 8924

Indoor facilities landline: 023 9284 5555

Emergency services: 999/112

Outdoor site address:

  • Langstone Sports Site, Furze Lane, Portsmouth, PO4 8LW

Indoor facility addresses:

  • Ravelin Sports Centre, Cambridge Road, Portsmouth, PO1 2SE
  • St. Paul's Gym, St. Paul’s Road, Portsmouth, PO5 4AQ
  • Spinnaker Sports Centre, Cambridge Road, Portsmouth, PO1 2ER

13. Indoor facilities

13.1 Appropriate attire and footwear should be worn for each activity. Jumpers, vests or t-shirts should be worn at all times. Jeans, flip flops and canvas pumps are not permitted.

13.2 Only non-marking indoor shoes can be worn in the indoor activity areas.

13.3 Smoking is not permitted within any activity or any indoor facility.

13.4 No Food or Drink permitted in the Gym, Sports Halls, studios or squash courts, except bottles of water.

13.5 Bags, coats and personal items should not be brought into the gym, sports halls, studios or squash courts or in the pool area. Lockers are provided in all changing areas. Towels are permitted poolside.

14. Wetside facilities

14.1 For health and hygiene reasons, you must make sure you shower and use the toilet before entering the pool and sauna and steam room.

14.2 You must at all times follow the pool and sauna and steam rules and guidelines displayed in the Centre and any instructions the lifeguard or manager gives you.

14.3 You are not allowed to use snorkels, masks, fins, flippers, radios or lilos in the Centre’s pool; unless it is part of a structured session led by qualified instructors or coaches and following Swim England guidelines.

14.4 Children aged 11 and under must be accompanied and supervised in the pool by a user aged 18 or over.

14.5 You should not use the sauna and steam room for longer than the recommended time, if you have consumed alcohol, are pregnant, or have any medical condition affected by heat.

14.6 Persons under the age of 16 are not permitted to use the sauna and steam room. All sauna and steam users must adhere to the policy displayed in the Centre.

14.7 Swimming pool members attending a lane swimming session must be able to swim 50m continuously.

14.8 For non-club swimming and for safety reasons, in and around the pool, children aged 5-11 must be accompanied by an adult in a ratio of no less than 1 adult to 2 children. Under 4’s must be accompanied by a ratio of 1 adult to 1 child.

14.8.1 For external bookings, a qualified adult must supervise the children before, during and after the session, in line with Swim England guidelines.

14.9 For safety reasons, no bathers are to be present in the swimming pool when the movable floor is in operation. The University of Portsmouth Staff will signal when it is safe for bathers to enter.

14.10 Appropriate clothing must be worn whilst in the pool. Make-up should be removed before entering the pool, including fake tan.

14.10.1 Hats should be worn for those on Swim Academy lessons. Swimmers with long hair should have it tied back

14.10.2 Swimming costumes/religious preferences. Variations in standard acceptable swimwear can be made within reason to accommodate religious preferences and medical conditions and must adhere to the guidelines set by the University of Portsmouth (Appendix B). The Sports Duty Supervisor/Senior Sports Operations Assistant will decide on what is reasonable.

14.11 All users must adhere to the rules of the facility.

14.12 No food or hot drinks should be consumed poolside or in the spectator area.

14.13 Under no circumstances will any photography or video filming be allowed in the swimming pool and sauna/steam room area, changing rooms, toilets, or showers unless agreed with the Wetside Officer as part of a technical coaching session.

14.14 If Video and photography has been agreed upon, coaches will inform the lifeguards of the purpose of the filming and its purpose and will make sure shots only include members of their club who have permission to be filmed.

14.15 No chewing gum to be used in the pool and surrounding area

14.16 Participants taking part in wetside activities should leave the changing rooms in appropriate dry clothing and footwear. Nobody should be walking through the centre in swimsuits or with wet feet.