Staff member giving one to one induction on rowing machines at Ravelin Sport Centre.

Personal training and programmes

Let us help you set, challenge and reach your goals with our qualified trainers

We all lead busy lives, we try to balance work, play and home life with working out and reaching our fitness goals. Goals are important to set in our workouts to show where we started and where we want to get to. Working with a personal trainer will help you achieve your goals faster. Following a training plan driven by your personal goals will ensure you stay accountable and motivated. Your trainer will ensure you use the correct technique to prevent injuries and will help you to maximise your time and track your progress too.

Personal training

Before you purchase a personal training package get yourself booked in with one of our trainers for a free consultation via the UOP Sport mobile app. Check out our trainers below and select the one you think best suits your training goals. 

You can then discuss your fitness goals, training preferences and goals with your personal trainer. Your trainer will then discuss with you about payment and bookings for your sessions, generally, we'll do this at the end of your consultation.

Training plans

If you're coming to us with the motivation to succeed - you're in the right place. Following a training plan and tracking your activity will keep you on track and help you stay motivated to exercise more regularly. Our UOP Fitness app has hundreds of pre-prescribed training plans. Simply answer a few questions and it will suggest suitable programmes to meet your fitness goals. If you would like a training plan designed just for you, simply book a consultation with one of the team and they will do the rest. 

Personal training and programme packages

Meet our trainers

Ben Jarvis personal trainer for University of Portsmouth

Ben Jarvis

  • Level 2 Fitness
  • Level 2 Fitness in Children
  • BTEC National Certificate in Sport
  • NPLQ Lifeguarding
  • ASA Level 2 Swim teacher
  • Leadership in Running Fitness
  • Cardiovascular based fitness
  • Running and Triathlon
  • Weight loss
Javier Alcaraz personal trainer for University of Portsmouth

Javier Alcaraz

  • BSc (Hons) Physical Activity & Sports Science
  • SQA (HNC) Physical Activity and Sports
  • Personal Trainer (EQF Level 4)
  • Indoor Cycling
  • SQA (HNC) Physical Activity and Sports
  • Personal Trainer, Advanced Health & Exercise Specialist (EQF Level 6)
  • Exercise Referral Specialist
  • Body Composition
  • S&C (Football)
Eva Svedaite personal trainer for University of Portsmouth

Eva Svedaite

  • BSc Sport & exercise science
  • MSc Strength, conditioning & rehabilitation
  • L3 Personal training
  • Biomechanics trainer
  • TRX suspension training
  • Optimal performance training
  • L1, L2, L3 mat work APPI Pilates
  • Mental health awareness for sport and physical activity
  • L3 Sports massage
  • Sports taping and strapping
  • Child protection in sport
  • Functional and optimal training
  • Injury re/prehab
  • TRX training innovations
Lucy Kafourous-Smith personal trainer for University of Portsmouth

Lucy Kafourous-Smith

  • Level 3 Personal Training
  • Athletic skills model instructor
  • Working towards BSc Hons in Sport fitness and coaching
PT  Michaela Malisova

Michaela Malisova

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor
  • PN 1 Nutrition in Sport and performance
  • CPD in Enhanced Kettlebells
  • CPD in Enhanced Suspension TRX
  • CPD in Enhanced Circuit
  • CPD in Boxing Fundamental
  • CPD in Advanced Boxing
  • CPD in Rebounding mini trampolines
  • CPD in FloatFit Balance and HIIT
  • Body transformation
  • Weight loss
  • Flexible eating
  • Strength and Self confidence