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St. Paul's and Ravelin Sports Centre Gyms

Explore everything that our gym has to offer you to help you reach your personal bests

Ravelin Sports Centre opens soon.

An outstanding new £57m sports centre for you to play, train and compete in. Our superb facilities set in historic parkland include a 25m eight-lane swimming pool, 175 station gym, climbing wall, ski simulator, café and community orchard.

The Ravelin Sports Centre gym has been kitted out with brand new, top-of-the-line Technogym equipment. 175 stations will push you to your new personal bests.

Check out a quick preview of our brand new 175 station gym, opening soon.

View your membership options for Ravelin Sports Centre today, so you can be first on the start line when we open.

Ravelin Sports Centre gym - Opens soon

Our friendly fitness team is on hand to ensure you have everything you need to get the most out of your training. This includes educating you on how to use all the equipment safely and effectively, prescribing training plans and offering personal training sessions to suit your needs.

  • Group Inductions - Small group 45 minute induction with a trainer to cover the safety aspects of using the gym to improve your health, fitness and well-being.
  • DISCOVER Sessions - Join our team for a 15 minute tutorial to DISCOVER the potential and functionality of the SKILL line equipment.
  • Consultations - A one to one consultation with a member of our fitness team to discuss your training needs before booking in for a training plan or personal training.

Group Inductions, DISCOVER sessions and Consultations are all free as part of your Gym membership. You can book through the UOP Sport app. Are you on a Core membership for just Swim and Classes? Upgrade to Core Plus or Ultimate to take advantage of our great gym services.

  • Bespoke Training Plan - A 45 minute session with a member of the fitness team to go through the training plan they have designed for you based on your needs that have been discussed during your consultation.
  • Personal Training - Individually tailored one to one sessions to keep you accountable, to achieve your fitness goals with a member of our fitness team who is compatible with your training needs.
Bespoke Training Plans and Personal Training have varying costs, and can be booked through your trainer after a consultation.

If you find it hard to motivate yourself, the fitness team will be delivering small group training sessions. These are all included in your Gym membership so why not mix up your training and take advantage of the expertise and knowledge of our dedicated team of trainers.

  • GYM LIFT - in the performance area of the gym focusing on lifting.
  • GYM HIIT - in the function area of the gym utilising High Intensity Interval Training.
  • GYM FIT - using the Technogym benches to improve your all round fitness.
  • GYM TRX - using TRX suspension training to improve core strength and functional movements.
  • GYM MBLT - improve your mobility to perform everyday movements more efficiently and effectively.
  • SKILL ROW - using the SKILL ROW to improve your rowing fitness.
  • SKILL RIDE - using the SKILL RIDE to improve your bike fitness.
All sessions are 30 minutes long, are bookable via the UOP Sport App, and are included in your Gym membership.

Are you on a Core membership for just Swim and Classes? Upgrade to Core Plus or Ultimate to take advantage of our great gym services.

Technogym Excite treadmills, stair climbers, elipticals, bikes, rowers... we have it all thanks to our brand new top of the line Technogym equipment.

Take a look at some of the Technogym cardio features on the Technogym website.

Hip Thrust, Chest Press, Rear Kick, Leg Curl, Lat Machines... the list goes on. More than 30 stations from Technogym's Selection 900 line.

Visual feedback translates into effective workouts. Log in, find your programmes and track your results. Make strength intelligent again.

With on-screen guidance, it makes it easy to find the correct settings even as a first timer.

Don’t know your maximum strength? Find it easily with the 1RM test feature on the machines. And for optimal muscle activation, follow visual feedback in terms of range of motion and speed, both in the concentric and eccentric phase.

Dumbbells up to 60kg, eight olympic power racks and loads of benches of every type. More brand-new Technogym kit - only the best for Ravelin Sports Centre.

Challenge your body in different ways thanks to kettlebells, jump ropes, medicine balls, slam balls, speed ladders and more.

Read more about the new Technogym equipment in the Ravelin Sports Centre gym on our news pages.

St. Paul's Gym

Olympic platforms, dumbbells from 2-50kg, smith machines, hex bars and plenty of benches. Whether its chest or leg day, you will have everything you need to help you work towards new PB's. With a base in the gym for our instructors, you can always find us for a spot, or a spot of advice.

Cybex Treadmills, Wattbikes, X Trainers, Dynamic Rowers, an Assault Bike, and Stairmaster. Get your heart pumping towards a new 5k PB or row your way to a healthier, fitter version of yourself. The coolest place to be when you're sweating out.

We have resistance machines hitting every muscle group in the body. They are perfect for isolating particular muscles and are a great starting point if you are new to the gym environment. The movement patterns of our machines help keep your body moving in the right direction. Forwards towards that goal.

Think cable machines, core bags, slam balls, kettlebells, plyo boxes. Jump into an AMRAP or swing your way through an EMOM. If you've become tired of cardio or weights we have enough kit for you to play around with. Keep challenging your body in different ways, get stronger and get fitter.

St. Paul's Gym

St. Paul's Gym will close for general use just before Ravelin Sports Centre opens.

We're based in the heart of the campus and are less than a 10 minute walk from most university buildings and halls. We have air conditioned rooms, BT Sport on the TV's (catch those midweek Champions League games) and we have the cheapest multi activity membership in the city, why wouldn’t you visit.

St Paul's Gym is open from 6.30am-10.30pm, Monday-Friday and 7.00am-9.00pm, Saturday-Sunday. We're not a 24 hour facility, but we believe you should have someone there to help at all times (that's us).

St Paul's Gym, St Paul's Road, Portsmouth, PO5 4AQ.