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SIZU Christmas Jumpers

As some of you might have noticed, the new Portsmouth Uni Christmas jumper is now available and displayed at Ravelin Sports Centre’s Reception. This beautifully crafted, ethically made sweatshirt is designed for a comfortable Christmas experience. With the motivational slogan 'You Are Stronger Than You Think' on the sleeve and the glitter stag on the front, it's a perfect Christmas gift for your friends, family and yourself. Available in Purple with a gold or glitter gold stag, or in lilac with a white glitter stag, these jumpers are a subtle yet festive addition to your wardrobe not only for Christmas. Check them out on Ravelin reception and order yours here for only £28.00!

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In 2019, Lauren and Tammy - best friends since university, completed their mission to turn their vision of establishing a mindset company into reality and created SIZU. Lauren, a world-class athlete and TV personality, joined forces with Tammy, a well-being performance psychologist and consultant. Together, they set out a goal to make a lasting impact on individuals' lives through the power of a positive mindset.

Over the past couple of years, SIZU has successfully cultivated a vibrant community of followers on social media. Their dedication to promoting positive thinking extends beyond digital platforms, with the sale of motivational apparel. SIZU has already contributed £27,000 to mental health and children's charities. Their approach encompasses responsible and ethical practices, with charity donations as a core aspect of their mission.

SIZU’s commitments

One of SIZU's standout initiatives is the commitment to donating 100% of profits from specific products to selected charities. Currently, their focus is on supporting Hector’s House, a charity dedicated to mental health awareness and suicide prevention. The charity was founded by the family of Hector Stringer who took his own life at just 18 years old. Their mission is to stop suicide by ensuring everyone has access to mental health services, to create a supportive community and to encourage people to talk openly about how they feel through education, awareness and support.

When you choose SIZU, you're not just buying a product; you're supporting a commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. The clothing is created through fair and honest means, without exploiting people or the planet. SIZU works closely with factories that prioritize workers' rights, maintain high standards, and promote reasonable working hours and conditions. The focus extends to waste reduction, the development of sustainable products, and the promotion of responsible supply chains. SIZU products are hand-finished in the UK in support of small businesses.

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Meet Lauren Steadman

For those unfamiliar with Lauren Steadman, she is not only a co-founder of SIZU but also the most successful female para triathlete globally over the past decade. Born without her lower right arm, Lauren has embraced her uniqueness and conquered challenges throughout her remarkable career.

Lauren graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a 1st class honours degree in Psychology and a postgraduate distinction in Business and Management. However, her achievements extend beyond the academic ones, with two Paralympic Games appearances during her university years. Between 2012 and 2016, Lauren took home an impressive collection of 16 Gold and 2 Silver medals in Paratriathlon across Europe and the world.

Lauren competed in her third Paralympic Games at Rio de Janeiro in 2016 this time competing in the first-ever Paratriathlon to be included in the Paralympics, and she took home a silver medal. Lauren would be a consistent feature on the podium in the following two years with five gold medals in the five major events she entered in 2018, while also securing 2 silver medals. This success guided her to win the ITU World Triathlon Grand Final on the Gold Coast in September 2018. In 2020, Lauren achieved gold at the Summer Paralympics in Tokyo. Although impressive, this does not account for all that Lauren Steadman has achieved. You can find all of her biggest sporting achievements here.