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Read Emma's story about labels and diversity

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Our We Care About Not Caring Campaign begins with stories from Team UOP members. This campaign aims to provide insight into the lives and experiences of members of the LGBTQIA+ community. These honest stories are an example of how sports and physical activity can play a part in providing a sense of belonging and combatting feelings of anxiety. We want to raise awareness for these stories and of the issues they look to challenge. These personal stories are powerful and should start up conversations between you and your friends, family, and teammates. We have also supplied a number of resources below if you are affected by this story.

Tell us about you...

Hi! I’m Emma and I am queer but unlabelled which means I couldn’t care less about what my sexuality is and I am not really concerned about how people perceive my gender. Because I don’t label myself as this or that I often find myself having to defend the fact that I am queer and I wish I could just live in this fluid space without having to explain/prove myself.


Have you ever felt or experienced a negative situation due to your sexuality/gender identity within your sport? How did the people around react? 

Not really. I don’t exactly “come out” anymore as I’ve been openly queer for years at this point, but yet some people seem to be surprised when they learn I’m gay. It’s not a negative surprised, just surprised.


What do you think Team UoP clubs and members can do better to make their LGBTQIA+ and transgender teammates feel safer within their sport?

Be careful with their words, and understand that slurs do hurt. Even if we say them, you can’t - sorry mate


If you could meet your younger self what advice would you give yourself? 

You’re not the only one. Be ready to learn a lot about how diverse humans really are. Love is love.  

We Care About Not Caring because...