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3 November 2019

2 min read

It's been said that to adopt a new routine, you must make lifestyle changes for at least 21 days. 21 days can initially seem a little tricky. However with perseverance and using sources of motivation, it can be done.

People are quick to point out the endless benefits to exercise, but let's take a moment to appreciate the subtle positives.

Which come in the form of knock on effects from getting into the gym, committing to those 4 fitness classes a week or that racquet sport session with your housemates.

Two key positive knock on effects to your new exercise routine are explained below:


Making better food choices

Not everything you pick up in the supermarket has to read 'diet'. Your body needs adequate fuel, although it's easy to go overboard and crash diet.

Being aware of what you're doing, and why you're doing it, can lead you to make more conscious food choices.

In fact you may think 'I'm putting time and effort into this, I'll get something out of it', leading you to pick your foods more wisely.

Balance is key for a positive state of mind. Don't be surprised if your new routine entices you to go for a butterfly chicken breast, spicy rice and a side salad instead of your usual burger, large chips and coke whilst at Nando's. Small changes work.


Your sleeping pattern is improving

The days of not setting an alarm will be long gone. Going back to a balance with lay in's is great now and again, however when you're into going to cardio cycling or fitball in the mornings, you know they're worth getting up for time and time again.

Kick starting your day will leave you feeling rejuvenated, ready to attack the day with new found energy. The same goes for an early night.

Having exercise related goals may result in you skipping the odd night out or 11pm library session. Take care of yourself... Sleep.

You'll thank yourself after those refreshing 8 hours and that killer gym session you ended up having.

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