Netball Club at Sports Awards 2023

The wait for Sports Awards 2023 is finally over and there's a lot to celebrate!

4 May 2023

7 minutes

As the academic year and university sport comes to an end, we were delighted to be able to bring our sports clubs together and celebrate their achievements at the 2023 Sports Awards. This academic year saw our students once again perform well and showed new levels of commitment, passion and determination. Team UoP have achieved so much in the past year alone and we can’t wait to get behind all of our clubs and cheer them on again next year. 

Nine of our teams were promoted in their BUCS tiers, we won a South Eastern Conference Cup and a Conference Trophy, and came runners up twice in the cup, and we had an astounding total of over 300 dedicated committee members, helping to shape sport across the year. 

If Team UoP didn’t already do us proud enough, we also saw a whole range of individual wins, notably from our sport scholars. With a total of six BUCS Gold Medals, a Silver and four Bronze, our scholars have helped to secure our position at 33rd in the overall BUCS table. Two of these Golds came from Serena Vincent, breaking her own indoor record and setting a new outdoor record in shot put.

As well as performance sport and competing against other universities, we are also passionate about Student Development. We have a large cohort of student coaches, 35 of which have upskilled through coaching and officiating qualifications. The skills our students have developed will perfectly complement their academic and sporting achievements helping to propel them towards achieving their goals in their future careers. 

It’s clear to see that there is so much to celebrate and our students are so deserving of an evening dedicated to them, their sporting achievements and their determination. 

The evening began with our Sports Reception which key stakeholders, our sports scholars and all the nominees for the reception awards attended. The Sports Reception celebrated sports performance, student experience and student leadership activities from across the year. 

Following the Sports Reception, the Sports Awards ceremony carried celebrations into the evening. The Sports Awards offered attendees a chance for club and team photos, arrival drinks, a three-course meal, photobooth access and of course the awards presentation for club, team and individual awards. 

We would like to congratulate everyone nominated, shortlisted and the winners of awards at both the Sports Reception and Sports Awards, we’re extremely proud of your achievements. All of the incredibly worthy winners and the titles of the awards they won this year can be found below.

Sports Awards 2023 Intro

Sports Awards attendees were the first to see this compilation of the Team UOP 22-23 season.

Individual Awards

Coach of the Year

Nick Roebuck - Golf
Janet Payne - Trampolining

Winner: Jason Gower - Men's Rugby

Jason started the year as coach for the development teams of Men's Rugby, and went above and beyond to coach the BUCS teams as well. Jason's coaching presence has helped the Club reach three promotions this season. As well as being at most games of the season, he also took ownership and assisted the club captain and captains on planning training sessions, team selection and along side the other volunteer coaches built a great relationship with community rugby clubs.

Contribution to the Community


Emma Guy - Netball & Cricket

Maisie Fitzsimmons - Netball & Cricket

Winner: Emilié Lewis

Emilié has coached girl's rugby for United Services Portsmouth, across U12s, U14s and U16s. Emilié has helped these girls develop their skills on and off the pitch, teaching them inclusivity and the core values in TREDS of rugby. TREDS stand for Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship

Student Coach of the Year


Emily Love - Trampolining
Ellie Costain - Dance

Winner: Rennae Brako & Evie Spring - Cheerleading

Rennae and Evie have coached the level 3 team this year, while mentoring other level coaches. Cheerleading members have been mesmerised by their talent surrounding the sport this year.

Student Official of the Year


Macie Crumpton - Netball

Winner: Sophie Guy - Netball

Sophie was a new member of our Netball Club this year, this being her first year at university. She has been a stand out official within the club. Immediately when asking if anyone was qualified she informed us of this qualification and was happy to help us out when umpiring was required for BUCS games. Without our volunteer officials, we would not be able to run such a depth of BUCS teams. Sophie has been able to officiate and coordinate games and dealt with all aspects of the matches including general spectator management.

Volunteer of the Year


Cat Sonkur & Amy Peacham - Performance Analysts
Samuel Waters - S&C Intern

Winner: Alex Theobald - S&C Intern

Alex has been an S&C Intern this year, working with our Sports Scholars to develop his experience working with high level athletes. Alex’s training programmes have helped our Scholars’ training programmes and competitive results through the season.

Executive Committee Member of the Year


Abbie Clunn - Wpmen's Rugby
Emily Love - Gymnastics and Trampolining
John Mogaji - Basketball
Matthew Mulvaney - Dodgeball


Andy Hodson - American Football
Rennae Brako - Cheerleading

Scholar of the Year (Performance)


Serena Vincent - Shot Put
Emily Niven - Judo
Ericas Luckauskas - Taekwondo

Winner: Finlay Morgan - Gymnastics

Scholar of the Year (Special Recognition)


Finlay Morgan - Gymnastics
Connie Wells - Karate
Taylor-lei Mohan - BMX

Winner: Lucy Odell - Javelin

Outstanding Contribution to University Sport


Andy Hodson - American Football
Leah Lewis - Gymnastics and Trampolining


Megan Jones Wainwright - Cheerleading
Veli Bulbul - Men's Rugby

Most Supportive Committee Member


Abbie Newton - Gymnastics & Trampolining Vice President
Dionne Moore - Snow Sports Vice President
Dylan Kramer - Men's Football Club Captain 

Winners: Zak Headworth-Singh - Tennis

"From the first day that I met Zak at the Give me Sport weekend he has been nothing but brilliant to me. As a fresher joining tennis I was very nervous about what to expect or what's to come for the year to come but as soon as I met Zak he made me feel like I have been there forever and helped the new members feel so welcome within the club. Zak and I both got placed into the second team and after my first BUCS match I lost so I was feeling down, Zak was right there by my side encouraging me, lifting up my spirits and making me feel better which he has done all year." - Tennis Club member Rob Smith

Sports Personality of the Year


Abbie Clunn - Women's Rugby
Andy Hodson - American Football
Emily Batchelor - Volleyball
Leah Lewis - Gymnastics & Trampolining
Meg Higgins - Cheerleading
Meg Jones Wainwright - Cheerleading
Veli Bulbul - Men's Rugby

WinnerBarnaby Dougal - Athletics

Individual Awards

Adrain Wong - Table Tennis
Alfie Baum - Swimming
Ayub Yusuf - American Football
Bethany Cook - Gymnastics & Trampolining
Callum Howlett - Boxing
Charli Morgan - Gymnastics & Trampolining
Charlie Johnson-Greening - Lacrosse
Charlotte Alner - Women's Football
Darci Bea McHoul - Handball
Dionne Moore - Snowsports
Ellie Lunnen Kay - Handball
Emily Batchelor - Volleyball
Ethan Kings - Handball
George Theodorou - Rowing
Hannah Smurthwaite - Women's Rugby
Harry Procter - Athletics
Harry Reed - Cricket
Henry Lester - Men's Football
Hugo Nascimento - Volleyball
Isla Graham - Netball
Izzy Evans - Dance
Jada Fevzi - Cheerleading
Jayden Olden - Dodgeball
Katie Parr - Netball
Lara Campbell - Dance
Leah Floyd - Dance
Lewis Payne - Golf
Lily Luffman - Netball
Lilly Vaughan-Smith - Cheerleading & Team UoP Exec 
Luke Hollis - Cricket
Lydia Blackburn - Cheerleading
Martha Owen - Netball
Maya Nelson - Women's Football
Mike Doyle - Golf
Mike Langford - Table Tennis
Moses Havers - Men's Football
Nadine Smith - Rowing
Olivia Vigar - Tennis
Richard Blackwell - American Football
Ruby Webber - Women's Football
Rupert Howe - Cricket
Scarlet Dalrymple - Athletics
Shannon Laverty - Cheerleading
Sophie Tearle - Hockey
Sulaiman Ali Shah - Golf
Zak Headworth-Singh - Tennis

Abbie Clunn - Women's Rugby
Abbie Newton - Gymnastics & Trampolining
Amirah Al-Rashid - Team UoP Exec Committee
Barnaby Dougal - Athletics
Becky Lee - Athletics
Ben Kinahan - Swimming
Ellie Costain - Dance
Emilié Lewis - Team UoP Exec Committee 
Emily Love - Gymnastics & Trampolining
Emma Hind - Dance
George Robinson - Snow Sports
Hannah Copley - Dance
Harry Sawyer - Men's Rugby
John Mogaji - Basketball
Leah Lewis - Team UoP Exec & Gymnastics & Trampolining
Matthew Mulvaney - Dodgeball
Meg Higgins - Cheerleading
Megan Jones Wainwright - Cheerleading
Rennae Brako - Cheerleading
Rob Leemans - Tennis
Simon Hall - Sailing
Tom Hattam - Lacrosse
Veli Bulbul - Team UoP Exec Committee

Alice Peak - Dance
Amber Miller - Women's Rugby
Aspen Salisbury - Archery & Cricket
Ceri Kent - Ultimate Frisbee
David Ison - Boxing
Jaden Cakoni - American Football
Magdalena Debkowska - Volleyball
Nat Wannapon - Dodgeball
Rachel Seed - Rowing
Shannon-Lee Carter - Dance
Tom Brewin - Mens Rugby

Andy Hodson - American Football
Daniel Obinkwo - American Football
Derrick Osadolor - Boxing
Erin Robertson - Athletics & Swimming
Lloyd Collins-Page - Shooting
Michaela Green - Shooting
Nathaniel Thatcher - American Football
Simon Hall - Sailing
Taylor-lei Mohan - BMX
Tom Field - Powerlifting

Club Awards

Media Club of the Year


Gymnastics & Trampolining

Winners: Swimming

Swimming Club's social media presence this year has been fantastic. Their consistent use of the UOP Sport branding has been unmatched. The Club have created engaging and original video content, and streamlined and professional content on their stories. They have also taken part in all of the wider Team UOP challenges, and engaged with Team UOP fundraising and welfare campaigns.

RAG Club of the Year


Men's Rugby

Winners: Dance

Dance Club have continued their unparalleled fundraising activities this year, raising £8,551 for five different charities. Events have included the Sportos Dance Off featuring other Team UOP clubs trained by Dance Club members, and a charity abseil down Spinnaker Tower.

Varsity Team of the Year


Mens' Football 3rd Team
Volleyball Women's 2nd Team

Winners: Cricket

Cricket Club won all three of their men's fixtures at Varsity this year, completing another full sweep against Southampton at a challenging away venue. The players showed discipline and composure, staying calm under pressure from the Southampton fans and playing to a high standard.

Committee of the Year


Gymnastics & Trampolining
Women's Rugby

Winners: Athletics

The Athletics committee worked well with Sport and Recreation staff to plan events and transport for their away competitions. The UPAC Cup, the home event organised by Athletics, is a great example of a committee coming together to organise a well-run event. The committee have also been a big part of wider fundraising campaigns such as Pink Week, Movember and Pride. 

Team of the Year


Men's Rugby 4th Team
Women's Tennis

Winners: Netball 4th Team

Netball's 4th Team have completed the perfect season, winning all ten of their league matches to win promotion, won every cup match to bring home the Conference Trophy, and their Varsity fixture against Southampton.

Carrington West Club of the Year



Winners: American Football

American Football have had an excellent year on and off the pitch. The team went on a winning run at the end of the season to reach the playoffs, and then progress through the knockout stages to gain promotion to the Premier Tier. The Club have taken part in wider Team UOP RAG events and campaigns, and have had an excellent presence on social media.

Most Improved Club of the Year


Snow Sports
Taekwondo & Karate

Winners: Dodgeball

Dodgeball Club have had an excellent year, growing the club membership massively after most members graduated at the end of last year. They have fielded separate Men's and Women's teams both in Tier 1, with the Men's team finishing first in their division, progressing to the playoffs and narrowly missing out on promotion to the Premier Tier. The Club look to expand further next year with a second Men's team.