Outside view of Ravelin Sports Centre cladding

The date we’ve all been waiting for, the countdown begins to the opening of Ravelin Sports Centre.

29 October 2021

3 min read

It’s been a long time since the spade went into the ground at Ravelin Park. That day, 13 August 2019, was the first real tangible step towards realising our vision of a new sports centre in Portsmouth. A lot has happened since that day; we won the best Public Sector Project: Design Stage Award at the BREEAM Awards 2020. This is a prestigious award for the most innovative sustainable projects of the previous 12 months. We’ve transitioned over 36 sports clubs to Sport and Recreation and jumped up over 10 spaces in the BUCS league rankings finishing in 39th place in 2019/20. More importantly, two storeys have been built, over 11,000 square metres of floor space has been designed and laid, 13,948 individual terracotta baguettes have been installed to be used as cladding and the pool has been filled with approximately 1 million litres ready for the first splash.

As a nod to the breaking of ground, Ravelin Sports Centre is due to open on Monday 13 December. The design concept of Ravelin Sports Centre is to welcome those from the outside in, with glazing around the outside allowing you to see the activity within the centre. The warm glow of the gym, pool and outside the facilities will be so inviting as the doors open for the first time to students, staff and the public at 6.30am on a wintery Monday morning. Although we tread lightly as we approach the date, being fully aware that there may be some speed bumps yet to appear, we’re confident to open the doors to you in December.

It’s great to finally announce the opening of Ravelin Sports Centre, we’ve been working on the project now for a number of years so to finally announce the opening is really exciting. The centre will really make a difference to our students, staff and the public who wish to use Ravelin Sports Centre. This fantastic facility showcases the ambition of the University and we couldn’t be happier

Carl Athersuch, Deputy Head of Sport

The timing is perfect if you’re looking to build your fitness up before the new year, want to try our new facilities before Christmas or even want to gift a membership as a present. When 13 December hits, our opening times will change to 6.30am opens, to 10.30pm closes on weekdays and 7.00am starts at the weekend staying open until 9.00pm. 

We will remain open 362 days a year, because everyone deserves Christmas, Boxing day and New Years day off. You can be sure though, for the first time in our history, we’ll be there between Christmas and New Year to welcome you with smiles on our faces.

St. Paul’s Gym will close on the 10 December as we make our final preparations and transitions into Ravelin Sports Centre.

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