In the heart of Chichester, a recent incident unfolded that showcased the compassion and selflessness of a group of University of Portsmouth students. The group of students happened to be members of our Badminton Sports Club, who were about to leave the city after their badminton match on BUCS Wednesday. A handwritten letter, sent to Vice-Chancelor Graham Galbraith, describes the heartwarming story of a collective effort that went above and beyond the call of duty.


Dear Sir,

Last Wednesday I was in North St. Chichester, when an elderly lady fell flat on her face. A group of students stopped, phoned 999, and after a long conversation with the call handler, it was decided that the lady could be helped to her feet. Despite being badly shaken and bleeding from her nose, she was keen to return home, not far from where she fell. The students, a group of eight or ten, then agreed to take her, carrying her bags, and supporting her gently back. 

I was so impressed that as a group they all stopped, were very concerned and waited at least 20 minutes while the process on the phone took place. They were a number of young men, and a few girls from the University of Portsmouth who were returning to Portsmouth, walking to the railway station. They were somewhat delayed by their concern and goodwill, and I would like to thank them very much. It goes without saying that they acted, at once, as ‘good samaritans’, and I hope that it can, in some way, be acknowledged by you. (I knew no names but I think they were in sports kit)

Yours faithfully,


In a world where acts of kindness can sometimes be overshadowed by the noise of daily life, this incident serves as a reminder of the positive impact individuals can have within their communities. The group of students displayed exceptional patience and kindness by going beyond the immediate call of duty. The team showed the core values of Team UOP and reminded us that clubs’ kits are not only for differentiating players during matches but serve as a representation of our university and are recognised by the wider community. 

As we navigate the complexities of modern society, stories like these stand out as pillars of hope, showcasing goodwill and humanity. The hope is that this story of compassion reaches a wider audience, serving as an inspiration for others to lend a helping hand when the opportunity comes.