Girls' Night

Find out what Girls' Night participants think about the event and what impact does it have

9 February 2024

3 min read

On Friday 26 January, we hosted yet another Girls’ Night! It was our third Girls’ Night since the opening of Ravelin Sports Centre and as well as the two previous ones, it was an amazing event and a huge success. We were thrilled to see so many of you getting involved in sports, stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new activities for the first time. After all, that is the main purpose of Girls’ Night!

As you know if you attended the event, we have sent out a feedback form to find out a little bit about those who attended so we can determine if the event achieved what it set out to achieve and to find out if you have any specific feedback, what are your thoughts about the event and whether it has made an impact or not.

Overall, we have collected 71 responses and got some amazing feedback that will help us make the next Girls' Night even better than this one! We have received plenty of very positive feedback, suggestions for improvement but also some honest criticism, which is very important for us. We believe there is always some room for improvement, that's why we ask for your thoughts and listen to your feedback. 

So check out what some thought about this Girls' Night.

Girls' Night salsa

Number of bookings

  • Gym bookings - 74
  • Gym free entrance - 87
  • Fitness Classes - 142
  • Swimming - 44
  • Courses - 48
  • Climbing - 69
  • Squash - 21
  • Club Sessions - 66

Total - 551


Girls' Night friendship bracelet

Engaging females in sport and physical activity

The main purpose of the event was to engage more people who identify as female in sport and other physical activity. Many of our participants had never attended Ravelin Sports Centre before, however, some participants were already our members and some have even attended every single Girls’ Night we have ever hosted. When asked if they would recommend the event to a friend, 95.8% were most likely to recommend Girls' Night to a friend.


Girls' Night squat

Empowering females

Empowering females to feel more confident when it comes to exercising was another aim of Girls' Night. When we asked about the biggest barrier to exercise, the two most common answers across all categories were 'Lack of confidence' and 'Lack of energy''. As some of you might have read in our 'The top 9 excuses for not exercising and how to overcome them' blog post: "exercising actually reduces fatigue and can boost energy levels. By completing regular exercise you will feel a lot more energised." This is why we encourage you to make the first step and be consistent. However, we understand how intimidating it can be to take the first step in trying something new. That is why Girls’ Night aimed to create a safe space for females to exercise. And we are thrilled to know that 100% of respondents believed Girls’ Night created a safe space for girls to exercise!


Girls' Night climbing

Staying active

We hope that those who attended Girls’ Night have made the first step in staying active permanently, whether that is through continuing with the activities we offered at Girls’ Night, fitness classes, courses, gym or climbing or through other sports and activities. We asked participants how likely are they to continue with an activity they tried as part of Girls’ Night and we are excited that 86% of respondents selected that they are likely or most likely to continue with the activity they tried at Girls' Night.