cyclists, whose legs and bikes are only visible, turning a bend during a race

Cycling club

We provide social rides and racing from a local to national level. You'll never be short of opportunities to go out and ride

Whether you want to ride down a mountain, ride more tranquil trails or prefer a strictly on road spin, the cycling club has it all. We welcome all abilities, providing social rides and racing from a local to national level. Riding several times a week, in all disciplines, you are never short of opportunities to go out and ride!

The club consists of two halves that join to form the Cycling Club, we have designated captains for Road and MTB who organise both social rides and more competitive outings to suit every rider. For those who just want to get some exercise and relax, we host chilled road sessions down the seafront, and at the other end of the spectrum, for those who want a pure adrenaline hit we ride Downhill MTB in The South Downs.

Our disciplines include:

  • Road Social
  • Road Competitive
  • Trail/Enduro MTB
  • Downhill MTB
  • BMX and Street

Training sessions

  • Training session times are TBC - The club will be able to provide you with more information in due course.


Various events will take place throughout the course of the year at various locations.

To join our club please select your membership and purchase here.

If you are interested in joining our sports club, you will need to register your interest. Some of our clubs have membership caps, and we want to get as many of you involved in our club as possible. We can then get in touch when more club spaces are available or let you know other ways you can be part of Team UOP.

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