Staff sports day team running in beach ball race

Staff Sports Day returns for 2022

Run, skip and hop your way to victory with colleagues across the university

Get a google meet link sent out to your team immediately, Staff Sports Day is back. UEB are once again encouraging staff to run, skip and hop their way to being physically active with classic activities such as the egg and spoon race, sack race and the tug of war. This year’s event is set to be bigger and better than before as departments from right across the University are invited to compete against one another in this time-honoured tradition with the event now in its 11th year.

We’ve missed Staff Sports Day and all staff so much, the passion, the team outfits, the weather (most of the time) and the questionable techniques are all things we love about Staff Sports Day. Making its return for the first time since 2018, we can’t wait to get you back into Ravelin Park. We did have Staff Sports Fest in 2019 but you can’t beat Ravelin Park for Staff Sports Day.

Amber Jerome, Sports Events Officer

Staff Sports Day will be held in the afternoon of 28 July in Ravelin Park and will be followed by the staff party on Gunhouse Green. Arrivals will be from 11.45am for a 12.00pm start and run until 3.45pm giving you plenty of time to shower up and change for the staff party.

We’re bringing back some fan favourites such as the bean bag race, sack race, hurdles, and frog ball relays in addition to an inflatable to try your hand at. Pit your team against another in the tug of war to see who comes out on top. The day is filled with fun and laughter and can be more competitive than a tender process.

UEB has agreed that staff members can take the afternoon off of their normal working schedule to participate in Staff Sports Day as long as the operational demands and services of your department are maintained. Please ensure you check with your line manager before submitting your team entry.

With many of us now hybrid working some of our old behaviours and routines have changed. Naturally, we’re trying to encourage all staff to join us and become a little more physically active even if only for the afternoon. Staff Sports Day 2022 gives us a great chance to reconnect with colleagues, have fun, get some exercise in and have a break from the office.

We’re so pleased that Staff Sports Day will be followed by an opportunity to bring those together that may not have the chance to take part in Staff Sports Day. It’s been almost three years since the last staff party in September 2019 and some of us may not have seen one another in person for a very long time. This year’s staff party is an opportunity to celebrate our 30th anniversary as a university and to be thanked for all our hard work and dedication during the past two years. There will be music, drinks, food and a chance to explore and enjoy the extensive improvements to Ravelin Park.

Now you know what it's all about, bring your team together, dust those trainers off and start practicing your skills for the big day. Complete the form below to sign up your whole team and book your space for Staff Sports Day on 28 July.

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Staff summer party


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Staff Party

Date: Thursday 28 July 2022

Venue: Gun House Green
Time: 4.15pm–9.00pm

Book your place by 15 July 2022 on Eventbrite.