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  • 09 December 2019
  • 6 min read

'I don't stop when I'm tired. I stop when I'm done – Bond – James Bond...'

And so we're nearly at the end of another term... but though it may feel like there's just a few minutes left and you're desperate for that shrill of the final whistle where you can slump into the corner and relax knowing you have succeeded...we are not there quite yet. So switch on and stay focused for there is more to be be done and one last burst of hard work and perseverance is required to make that first cup of eggnog on Christmas morning taste all the more sweeter.

And you need look no further for inspiration than these guys, as with just 3 matches to report on, we give you 3 victories, starting at an icy Langstone on Sunday.

American Football:

A 45-0 win at home against Surrey, another shut out and 168 unanswered points this season, sees The Destroyers retain their top spot in Tier 1 at the halfway stage. Sam Hassan starred yet again with 3 more rushing touchdowns to make it 9 for the season now. Conor 'Dre' Walton, Eman Feyibunmi and Nathaniel 'Tanky' Thatcher got the other Touchdowns on the day, to make it 6 more to add to the Destroyers overall TD tally. Bradley Whiteman was once again on form and slotted his second Field Goal of the season, along with 3 from 4 extra points, with Harrison Jones kicking 1 from 2.

Here's how the MVP awards were allocated on the day –

  • Rookie MVP – Lewis Clerkin who continues to grow in confidence on Special Teams and at Wide Receiver.
  • Special Teams MVP – Daniel Abiodun for the second week in a row for his solid fast play and tackles.
  • Offensive MVP – Lawrence Cornwall-Baptiste for a dominant and solid display as gameday captain.
  • Defensive MVP – Eddie Koppoe for his outstanding leadership, an interception and strong enforcement from sideline to sideline.
  • Team MVP – Sam Hassan for another 3 touchdowns; an exceptional performance.
  • The Hammer Award – Ollie Clerkin for a superb, low hard tackle at the end of the game.
  • Play of the Game – Lekan Oladele and Henry Hobbs on a 3rd and 6 screen play bulldozing their way for a first down.

Next week the Destroyers host Royal Holloway 1sts, and with both teams unbeaten with 4 and 0 records this promises to be a great match up and a real festive treat for the fans who can get down to Langstone to see this one. It's a 12 Noon start so get along and make yourself heard to cheer on the team, in their biggest match-up of the season.

life ring in choppy water


Men's 1sts produced another professional display with a convincing 9-2 victory over Brunel 3rds at Spinnaker to send them into the Winter break in a very strong position in SE2A. Man of the Match, Josh Barrett grabbed 2 goals as did Alex Mills, whilst Argemiro Sassa, Harry Bailey, Ben Chevreau, Sam Johnson and Jamie Fraser got the others. Fraser got 2 assists, whilst Sassa, Chevreau, Barrett, Tima and Captain, Patryk Cekus were the other contributors. At the time of going to press, Pompey held a 6 point lead over closest rivals Surrey 1sts and will take this well earned rest before they return to action on Sunday the 26th of January where they will host the winner of the Round 3 Tie between Kingston 1sts and Portsmouth 2nds at Spinnaker. An excellent first term's work for Men's 1sts, who have a lot to look forward to in 2020.

The 2's made it a fantastic weekend for the club, with a superb 8-7 away win at 2nd place St. Mary's 2nds, to leave Pompey 6 points clear at the top of Tier 3 at the halfway stage. A hat-trick from Dan Allen, a brace from Phil Matthews and goals from Lopen Louis, Josh Harrop and Ollie Conaghan saw Pompey secure a vital win in the title race and sees them end Term 1 on a massive high. Next up is that 3rd Round Cup Tie on 19th January, with the league campaign getting back underway on the 2nd February with a trip to Westminster 1sts.

So that's it for a shortened Wash Up, this week, although before we depart, I recently discovered something that I didn't believe was even 'a thing' – but apparently it is, and it's known as 'Christmas Workout Music' – yes, I know...

After some careful consideration and research, I've grown to understand that this is not as easy as thing as it sounds to select these tunes. I mean, there are a lot that just don't work for instance – 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen' sends out all the wrong messages and doesn't even cater for any of our Women's teams. 'We three Kings of Orient Are,' by Mario Lanza is okay if you live in Leyton, but is a bit stompy isn't it. Then I had what is known in the trade as an epiphany – why not listen to tracks from your favourite festive TV series and movies, therefore when you're in the gym, your brain is tricked into thinking it's watching TV, like most Christmases, clever, eh?

The theme to the Snowman came to mind immediately, but it always leaves me utterly tearful before exercise let alone after, so that was a no go – and there's a lot of cliches out there to avoid, so where to begin with your Christmas Workout? Well, allow me to give you some advice with my Top 5 Christmas Workout numbers to help you stay festive in the gym this Winter. The only criteria I considered is that the list could not include anything by the self proclaimed, Queen of Christmas... Contrary Carey.

Here we go with the Countdown –

At 5/ Christmas (Please Come Home) by Mickey Bubble – a.k.a Michael Buble – various from the Hallmark channel
*I was forced to watch this channel for the purposes of researching this article, but please do not attempt this without supervision and close proximity to friends and a solid support network

At 4/ Put a Little Love in Your Heart by Annie Lennox & Al Green – from Scrooged
*Cheesy? Yes – but uplifting – 'God Bless us Everyone!' Gets me every time...

At 3/ All you Need is Love – Lynden David Hall – from Love Actually
*Made me want to take up playing the Trumpet at Weddings again... I miss those days

At 2/ Do The Hippogriff by The Weird Sisters – from Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire.
*As a huge Pulp fan, the sight of Jarvis Cocker rocking out at Hogwarts was just immense to leave off this list, a real calorie shredder!!!

At 1/Love Don't Roam by Neil Hannon – from The Runaway Bride Dr. Who Christmas Special.
*From the lead singer of the excellent – Divine Comedy – this is perfect for Cross fit, Spin classes or an early morning run with the headphones in... from the David Tennant archives when Doctor Who was at its very best...

I hope these obscure recommendations keep the turkey, wine and chocolate in check...

One more Wednesday until Christmas – sort of

Play Up!

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