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  • 29 October 2019
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'There is only one success – to be able to spend your life in your own way' – Christopher Morley.

Welcome to the Wash Up, where we will be conserving greatness and clogging the lane with Ultimate Frisbee as they head to Brighton for their SICKO tournament and then on to BUCS Mixed Regionals. We will then change tack to see if Sailing's dreams were realised at a very wet Reading, before driving a fair way down to Meon Valley to catch up with Golf at their new home, and see how they've been getting on, competing in the community.

So without much ado about something – let's catch up with the latest from Ultimate and here are the snapshots of an excellent report from their Club Captain, Tom White.

Ultimate frisbee:

Report by Tom White – Club Captain

On the 19-20 of October, Ultimate attended the SICKO Tournament in Brighton. They took 3 teams, Women's 1sts, Men's 1sts and Beginners. Here's how they fared.


  • MVP – Elisha Le Moignan
  • Most Improved – Aisling Gibson

Despite Catriona Tucker's 2 Assists both caught by Elisha Le Moignan in the end zone, Pompey went down in Game 1 to 'The Other Team.' Against 'Brixton' in Game 2, Amelia Ball and Catriona Tucker claimed 2 points for Portsmouth, but they went down by one, in a very competitive encounter, before losing their third match against 'SKUNKS,' but Pompey took heart from an impressive showing in the middle match against Brixton on Day 1.

Day 2, saw 3 defeats, but also saw much improved performances, with Pompey going down by only one or two points and showing their potential for future tournaments.


  • MVP – Alex Glover
  • Most Improved – Cameron Lewis

Finding themselves drawn in a tough pool, Men's 1sts had to settle for a consolation point from Robbie Deiches, with Tom White getting the assist, in the opener, before taking on Cardiff. Pompey got off to a great start with Cameron Lewis assisting Keiran Smith with a floating overhead (hammer) throw into the end zone. Alex Glover assisted Deiches for a second score, as Pompey improved on their Game 1 performance, but Cardiff proved too strong taking this one, 8-2 in the end. Next up was Brighton Panthers and in another fast-paced game, Pompey nearly claimed victory, losing their concentration in the final seconds, but never the less securing a creditable 3-3 draw in their final pool match. A huge improvement from their showing in Game 1 against the discDoctors. Day 2, and it was a similar story for Pompey, losing a blow for blow match against the Chichester Cobras and falling short against the Mohawks of Sussex. It was only in the final game of the tournament that things clicked for Pompey, taking some much needed pride from a spirited performance, recording a 3-2 win against Brighton Panthers.


  • MVP – Sam Bradley
  • Most Improved – Caitlin O'Farrell

Looking to retain the SICKO Beginners Trophy, Pompey began their defence against Kent and built a commanding lead with assists from Harry White, Harry Allen and Michael Green to Sam Bradley [2] and Danial Braithwate [2]. Kent fought back until 2 points from Harry White saw Pompey get the win 6-5 in a pulsating opener. Pompey took this momentum into their second match against Slade, which they won 5-3, before taking on Brighton Panthers and in a game of high intensity were again victorious 7-2, finishing the day with a perfect sheet. Onto Day 2, and a narrow 6-5 defeat against the much fancied Mohawks saw their title dreams shattered in a cruel final minute. They came back strong to win their second game on day 2, but went down in Game 3. The Beginners had put up a good fight but the SICKO title was not to return to the South Coast with Pompey.

life ring in choppy water

BUCS mixed regionals:

Portsmouth mixed 1st results:

  • MVP – Michael Wakelyn-Green

Portsmouth 1sts V Surrey 1sts [8-2] Loss

Portsmouth 1sts V Sussex 2nds (Mohawks) [8-7] Win

Portsmouth 1sts V Oxford Brookes [7-5] Loss

Portsmouth 1sts V Brighton Panthers [6-4] Loss

Portsmouth 1sts V Oxford 2nds [ 7-2] Loss

Portsmouth 1sts V Kent 1sts [7-5] Loss

Portsmouth 1sts V Royal Holloway 1sts [4-2] Win

Portsmouth 1sts V Surrey [4-3] Loss

Portsmouth mixed 2nd's results:

  • MVP – Harry White

Portsmouth 2nds V Reading 1sts [10-3] Loss

Portsmouth 2nds V Sussex 1sts [15-0] Loss

Portsmouth 2nds v Oxford 1sts [12-1] Loss

Portsmouth 2nds v Chichester 1sts [12-0] Loss

Portsmouth 2nds v Surrey 2nds [7-2] Loss

Portsmouth 2nds v Oxford Brookes [6-4] Loss

Portsmouth 2nds v Kent 1sts [7-3] Loss


Report by Hebe Hemming – Commodore

This weekend saw the dinghy team head to their first event of the year at Reading. Saturday morning we were greeted with rain and strong winds, and the two hour postponement went down well for those who wanted to watch the rugby...[England 19 – New Zealand 7... by the way] Once out on the water, we saw 18 teams battle it out in challenging conditions and at the end of day 1, Portsmouth Purple were on 2 wins out of 6 and Portsmouth Pink on 1 win from 6.

A tricky day with gusts and shifts left, right and centre; many a mark trap took place trying to convert the team into a winning combination and maintain it. A few capsizes here and there but all round a good day on the water, with a lot of lessons learned.

This year we also saw a few alumni members put together a team called the Portsmouth Princesses, they had a successful first day finishing on 5 wins out of 6.

Sunday morning started with another postponement, this time due to no wind, and although we soon got out on the water, unfortunately only 9 races were completed before the wind died again. That meant we finished the weekend with the following results:

Portsmouth Princesses – 5 wins out of six – 3rd overall

Team Line Up:

Oli Burrows and Scarlett Anderson

George Potter and Will Berry

James Nichols and Paddy Paxton

Portsmouth Purple – 3 wins out of 8

Team Line Up:

Ben Shorrock and Martin Pezet

Evie Snedker and Jonathan Howe

Immy Cage-White and Kate MacAdorey

Portsmouth Pink – 1 win out of 7

Harry Boygle and Mia Elias

Fiona Mulcahy and Nic Seibold

Hebe Hemming and Nina Redford (Plymouth University)

Clubs in the community:

I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community and as long as I live, it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can

George Bernard Shaw


Report by Nick Roebuck – Treasurer

Last week, the club had four individuals competing in the Midweek Stableford Competition at Meon Valley, which has become the club's new home after a long spell at Hayling Island came to an end in the summer. Life is looking good for the club at Meon and the guys are integrating into the golfing community well. Two gross 75's (+4 par) on the Meon Course from Sean Doyle and Nick Roebuck saw the Pompey duo finish 2nd and 4th respectively.

The club also had 6 players handing in their 1st scorecards out of the 3 required to achieve competition handicaps.

Great to see the club working hand in hand with their new hosts and enjoying some early season success.

life ring in choppy water
life ring in choppy water

So, that's all for this week – please join us for another wash up next week when Futsal return to League action, looking to continue their early season dominance.

And remember, in all that you do on and off the field, never be discouraged, it's quite often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock...this is also quite a handy tip for any locksmiths out there...

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