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  • 14 October 2019
  • 2 min read

The only thing that travels faster than light is the weekend...and Usain Bolt's pet cat, Flash – Unknown Origin

Welcome to the inaugural 'Weekend Wash Up' where we turn our inquisitive glare upon our clubs that play their fixtures away from the dizzying spotlight that is a BUCS Wednesday.

So with a slightly warm croissant, a broadsheet and a Decaf’ Flat White, our focus turns to Futsal, whose Men’s 1sts and 2nds both began their BUCS league campaigns upon the Sabbath.

Here's how they got on –

Men's 1sts travelled to Brunel 3rds in Tier 2, with their focus on a return to the 1st Tier. What looked like a tricky opener in the capital, proved to be anything but, with an impressive Pompey dominating proceedings, returning to the South Coast with a 14-5 victory. Hat-tricks from Man of the Match James Douglas, Captain, Patryk Cekus and Argemiro Sassa, braces from Marwan Kisserwan and Tonye Sotonye and a strike from Sam Johnson did the damage. Assists came from Sassa [3] Kisserwan, Douglas, Lopen Louis and Josh Barrett. An impressive opening for the team, who take on a Brighton team next week, who drew their opener away at Herts last week, leaving Pompey as the only winners on opening day.

life ring in choppy water
life ring in choppy water

Within the glow of the Spinnaker lights, away from chattering Herring Gulls feasting on Ken's Kebabs in the gutters of Cambridge Road, Portsmouth 2nds certainly did not have an easy Sunday morning, but they kept their faith and prevailed over strong opposition in St. Mary's. This one proved to be an absolute thriller of biblical proportions... Captain Alex Mills led the way with a superb hat-trick with Alex Younge, Andrea Xuereb and Jamie Fraser the other scorers on opening day. Goalkeeper, Sam Hatherly was voted Man of the Match, contributing 2 assists. Dan Allen [2] Fraser and Abdulla Alharami contributed the others to see the 2nds prayers answered as they ran out winners by the odd goal in eleven [6-5]. Next up they host Westminster, who drew their opening fixture against Roehampton, again leaving Pompey looking down from above on the rest of their SE3A rivals.

So a perfect opening weekend for Futsal, who will have full credence that home advantage will give them the edge to keep both clubs top of their respective tables when they return to their spiritual home on the courts of Spinnaker next Sunday.

We'll bring you all the latest from their double header next week in the second edition of the Weekend Wash Up.

And remember there is no elevator to have to take the stairs...unless you live in a bungalow... or you suffer from Bathmophobia...

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