The 12 days of purple - The Purple Reign Post #19

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The purple reign of Tennis

  • 04 January 2020
  • 2 min read

The 12 days of purple – the purple reign of Tennis

Half term report: Tennis

Welcome to one of many posts over the 12 days of Christmas, highlighting the achievements of our clubs and their highest performing individuals over the first half of their competitive season.

League tier

Men’s 1sts – tier 1

Men’s 2nds – tier 2

Women’s 1sts – tier 3

League standing

Men’s 1sts – 5th place

Men’s 2nds – 3rd place

Women’s 1sts – 3rd place

Cup standing

Men’s 1sts – round 1

Men’s 2nds – quarter final

Women’s 1sts – quarter final

Key result 2019 term 1

Men’s 1sts: November 6 – 5-1 v LSE 2nds home

Men’s 2nds: November 27 – 6-0 v Brighton 1sts away

Women’s 1sts: November 20 – 5-1 v St. Mary’s 1sts home

Key fixture 2020 term 2

Men’s 1sts – January 22 v LSE 2nds away

Men’s 2nds – January 29 v Sussex 1sts home

Women’s 1sts – February 5 v Surrey 2nds away

Our MVP - the Purple Boot Club Leaders

Tennis James Wright 327
Dimitry Andrianov 315
Laila El Atfy 294
Mishgahn Omer 275
Ellis Drayton 271
Mike Tudor 242
Louis Appleby 237
Margherita Ober 210
Emma Booker-Milburn/ Yannah McKenzie-Wells 191
Jonathan Stammers 176
David Noronha/ Sebastian Langdon 167
Henry Berzins 148
Euan Rayner-Gray 138

*Our MVP is decided from player performances in fixtures where our clubs perform over the course of the week. To keep up to date of performances, make sure you check out our sports club blog. We post weekly in our Wednesday BUCS Round Up and our Weekend Wash Up.


The MVP Formula to cross pollinate statistical information across a range of sports is a closely guarded secret and has taken a team of scientists decades to construct in a top secret base in the Alps.

The whereabouts of these scientists is currently unknown…

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