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February standings

  • 20 February 2020
  • 9 min read

'In the Middle of every difficulty lies Opportunity – Albert Einstein.'

'When you walk up to Opportunity's door...don’t knock it. Kick that B*tch in, smile and introduce yourself – Dwayne Johnson.'

Opportunities –

They present themselves to us on a daily basis and we blunder our way through our existences accepting, ignoring and creating them, but every so often an opportunity presents itself, that has such meaning that it affects not just you, not just your friends and family, but lives beyond your own recognition. It is in opportunities like these that when presented that all of us must learn to recognise them and take them...but until then, don't undersell the bus journey to focus on the private jet!

It is the eternal conundrum, and if not the meaning of life, for it is in these moments when our lives take on meaning... There is an understanding, a sixth sense to, at first, spot these opportunities and then with no little skill, oodles of commitment and perseverance take them and be all you can be within such defining moments. The key is understanding that these moments don' come along once in a lifetime, but pretty much every day, and in sporting circles these moments arise all the time, and in living in each moment and being there to seize upon the chances given, is where we are all measured, by ourselves and others.

Only the worthiest of opportunists shall be deserving of placing their hands upon the Purple Boot and lifting it aloft come Sports Awards 2020.

Now I've got that out of my system, allow me to introduce to you the latest Leaderboards.

  1. The Purple Boot – Top 10
  2. 2/ The Purple Boot – Club Leaders

*Statistics correct as of Saturday 8th February 2020, so currently do not include performances from Wednesday 12th February.Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls – I give you our Champions!

The top 10

1 Cricket Indoor Aryan Gupta 1052
2 Cricket Indoor Hasnaat Abbas 1008
3 Netball Annabelle Couchman 941
4 American Football Sam Hassan 893
5 Cricket Indoor Molly Beadle 840
6 Cricket Indoor Nick Ward 756
7 Badminton Jonny Avery 732
8 Rugby Union Carrie Whymark 727
9 Futsal Argemiro Sassa 723
10 Netball El Hayes 706

Club Leaders

American Football Sam Hassan 893
Archery N/A N/A
Athletics Hannah Barnard 325
Badminton Jonny Avery 732
Basketball Aaron Berida 648
Cricket Aryan Gupta 1052
Cycling N/A N/A
Fencing N/A N/A
Football (Men’s) Louie Gilpin 519
Football (Women’s) Sharna Capel-Watson 527
Futsal Argemiro Sassa 723
Golf Dan Colman 627
Hockey Eleanor Skinner 418
Lacrosse Lexi Smith 577
Netball Annabelle Couchman 941
Rowing Antonia Painter 270
Rugby (Men’s) Eddie Baldwin 285
Rugby (Women’s) Carrie Whymark 727
Sailing Chloe Barr 315
Squash Elliot Dowling 650
Swimming N/A N/A
Tennis Laila El Atfy 462
Ultimate Frisbee Ben Kilgariff 540
Volleyball Ana Periera Bastos 458

*Our MVP is decided from player performances in fixtures where our clubs perform over the course of the week. To keep up to date of performances, make sure you check out our sports club blog. We post weekly in our Wednesday BUCS Round Up and our Weekend Wash Up.


The MVP Formula to cross pollinate statistical information across a range of sports is a closely guarded secret and has taken a team of scientists decades to construct in a top secret base in the Alps.

The whereabouts of these scientists is currently unknown…

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