Team UOP raise over £25,000 for Movember

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Over 550 student travel over 45,000km to raise awareness for Movember

  • 09 December 2020
  • 3 min read
November proved a challenging month with the second national lockdown affecting our exercise and social activities. None more so than our University of Portsmouth sports clubs and societies who had to stop training along with the rest of the country. The upside, if there is one, is that a collective effort was already in motion to stay active and raise some money for charity.
Team UOP, the collective of sports clubs and societies devised some ambitious targets for Movember 2020. The student-led executive responsible for student sport gathered supporters through 37 sports clubs at the University of Portsmouth. The aim was to complete a challenge of moving almost 60,000km in November. Starting and finishing in Portsmouth, Team UOP attempted to travel to cities across the world spelling Movember in the process either by walking, running, cycling or other forms of exercise.

What an amazing month! We have now reached El Paso and are on our way to Rio de Janeiro on our 'Race Across the World'. We may not have finished the month in Portsmouth, but it's a fab effort from everyone. Thank you to everyone who took part, for being so enthusiastic and encouraging as many people as possible to be involved. It's been a very rewarding campaign, raising over 3 times last year's amount with it all going towards the Movember Foundation. Remember to check on your mates - have a convo, save a bro.

Eleanor Smith, RAG and events officer

Over 550 students took part in the efforts and raised over £25,000 for charity and travelled over 45,000km in the attempts to reach Rio de Janeiro. Team UOP chair, Hebe Hemming states "It was fantastic to see so many students engaged not only in moving but in the fundraising aspect, absolutely delighted to have raised over £25,000 for this important cause".

The grow a Mo’ part of Movember is well known, but a large part of Movember includes a MOVE element. It’s great to see the efforts of club members in a collective attempt to raise awareness of this important cause for men’s health as well as raising such a large amount of money for the Movember Foundation. Globally, one man takes his own life every minute, of every day.