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Sports club fixtures this week

  • 26 February 2020
  • 1 min read

With over 24 sports clubs it can be hard to keep track of who’s playing when. Use this handy guide to see which teams are playing at home. Get behind them this season and help us climb the BUCS ladder. If you’re watching any games be sure to tag us in @UOPsport and hashtag #UOPsport #GiveMeSport and #PurplePassion so we can share your posts.

11.00am Women’s Hockey PORTSMOUTH Dev Chichester Dev Langstone Pitches
12.00pm Men’s Tennis PORTSMOUTH 2’s Imperial 2’s Portsmouth Indoor Tennis Centre
1.00pm Women’s Hockey PORTSMOUTH 1’s Surrey 1’s Langstone Pitches
1.00pm Women’s Netball PORTSMOUTH Dev Sussex Dev St.Paul’s Sports Centre
1.00pm – 3.00pm Mixed Volleyball PORTSMOUTH Dev Sussex Dev Spinnaker Sports Centre
1.15pm Men’s Football PORTSMOUTH 1’s Sussex 1’s Langstone Pitches
1.45pm Men’s Rugby PORTSMOUTH 2’s St. George’s 1’s Langstone Pitches
2.00pm Men’s Lacrosse PORTSMOUTH 1’s Imperial 1’s Langstone Pitches
2.30pm Men’s Hockey PORTSMOUTH 3’s Chichester 2’s Langstone Pitches
3.00pm Women’s Futsal PORTSMOUTH Dev Reading Dev St.Paul’s Sports Centre
4.00pm Men’s Rugby PORTSMOUTH 3’s Reading 3’s Langstone Pitches
5.15pm Women’s Netball PORTSMOUTH 6’s Royal Holloway 3’s St.Paul’s Sports Centre
6.30pm Men’s Rugby PORTSMOUTH 4’s Imperial 5’s Langstone Pitches
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