The Purple Boot and our MVP final standings 2020

After a hard fought season, our Purple Boot Winner is named along with the top performers in your club

  • 25 August 2020
  • 3 min read

Our 19/20 Purple Boot Winners and Club MVP's

So it is, that we have arrived at a moment in time more significant than my own birth! And in the suburbs of Hall Green in Birmingham, that event was described as the second coming of a Brummie Messiah, so this announcement is not to be taken lightly.

Today, let us reflect on the achievements of individuals within the framework of their teams, for it has been said - and not just by me - that the greatest teams are the ones that allow their individuals, the sum of the parts, to shine, to most importantly be themselves. Let us offer a hearty congratulations to all our Club Leaders for their magnificent performances during the season, and cheer in unison for our Top 10, who all hit the 1,000 point marker! Your achievements are indeed the stuff of legend, and I am sure that your teammates will echo these sentiments, as they shower you with loving adulation, albeit disguised within banter, japes and vulgar witticism; such is the way of things.

Without much more ado about nothing, in Reverse order, I give you our Top 3, with just a little definition about why they are where they are - why they are legends of the 2019-20 BUCS season.

Top 3 standings

3 - Marwan Kisserman of Futsal

Team - Futsal Men's 1sts

Team honours 19/20 - SE2A League Winners, SE Conference Cup Winners

Goals - 22

Assists - 18

Man of the match awards - 3

Total points - 1,132

2 - Annabelle Couchman of Netball

Team - Netball 2nds

Team honours 19/20 - SE3A League Winners

Goals - 455

Rebounds - 19

Intercepts -4

Tips - 3

Player of the match awards - 8

Total points - 1,198

1 - Argemiro Sassa of Futsal

Team - Futsal Men's 1sts

Team honours 19/20 - SE2A League Winners, SE Conference Cup Winners

Goals - 25

Assists - 22

Man of the match awards - 3

Total points - 1,302

The Top 10

 Position Sports club Player  Purple Boot Points 
 1  Futsal Argemiro Sassa  1302 
 2  Netball Annabelle Couchman  1198 
 3  Futsal  Marwan Kisserman  1132 
 4  Badminton Tom Wood  1112 
 5  Badminton Jonny Avery  1082 
 6  Cricket Aryan Gupta  1052 
 7  Womens Rugby Carrie Whymark  1016 
 8  Squash Elliot Dowling  1010 
 9  Cricket Hasnaat Abbas  1008 
 10  Badminton Chai Chee Hou 1006 


 Club leaders

 Sports Club  Player  Purple Boot Points
American Football  Eddie Koppoe  905 
Archery  Ash Orme / Shannon Haimes / Mark Marley  175 
Athletics  Jasmine McCullum  420 
Badminton  Tom Wood  1112 
Basketball  Aaron Berida  807 
Cricket  Aryan Gupta  1052 
Cycling  N/A  N/A 
Fencing  N/A  N/A 
Football (Men's)  Louie Gilpin  972 
Football (Women's)  Sharna Capel-Watson  860 
Futsal  Argemiro Sassa  1302 
Golf  Sean Doyle  785 
Hockey  Eleanor Skinner  598 
Lacrosse  Lexi Smith  896 
Netball  Annabelle Couchman  1198 
Rowing  Antonia Painter  270 
Rugby (Men's)  Max Benson  815 
Rugby (Women's)  Carrie Whymark  1016 
Sailing  Ben Shorrock  715 
Squash  Elliot Dowling  1010 
Swimming  Jamie Robertson  910 
Tennis  Laila El Atfy  891 
Ultimate Frisbee  Ben Kilgariff  564 
Volleyball Wiktoria Wysoczanska  656 

*Our MVP is decided from player performances in fixtures where our clubs perform over the course of the week. To keep up to date of performances, make sure you check out our sports club blog. We post weekly in our Wednesday BUCS Round Up and our Weekend Wash Up. The MVP formula to cross pollinate statistical information across a range of sports is a closely guarded secret and has taken a team of scientists decades to construct in a top secret base in the Alps. The whereabouts of these scientists is currently unknown...

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