If you could meet your younger self what advice would you give you?

If I could give advice to my younger self it would be to be proud of who I am and to live as myself freely. The area I lived in made me feel that there was global hatred for who I was and that I would face it everywhere, but it's not the case. While I am glad for the lessons I've learnt, I would have rather began my journey sooner and had more time to live as myself.

What do you think teams/sport members can do better to make their LGBTIQA+ team mates feel safer within their sport?

I think to help people feel safer, you have to show that you will defend and support them. Unfortunately, we still live in a time where there is bigotry and hatred, and to know that if anything happens you wouldn't have to go through it alone is such an important feeling. Everyone knows that there will be someone there for them, but to undeniably know that the people who spend time with you will go out of their way to support you in times of need is a form of safety that can't be broken.