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Personal training and programmes

We have personal training packages to suit your goals and needs. Your effort + our expertise = RESULTS

Have a goal you want to achieve, but not the motivation? Why not give personal training a go. Most of us work better having an instructor there to give encouragement and guidance in the gym. They can also help you to set goals and smash them using personalised plans.

We have a variety of Personal training packages to suit your goals and needs, whether that's a one off programme or regular PT sessions.

Programmes are great if you need a bit of guidance in the gym, but like to train by yourself. They are one off sessions in which the instructor will create a unique programme to suit your goals. They will then go through all the exercises and technique to ensure you're confident and form is correct.

Personal Training is for those that want to get pushed that little bit more. PT comes in packages of 10 or 5 (1 hr or 30 min sessions) in which you communicate with your PT to book in sessions around your schedule.

Packages and services
Member Non-Member
PT 10 x 1 hour sessions £153£229.50
PT 5 x 1 hour sessions £92 £137.50
PT 10 x 30 Minute sessions £102 £153
PT 5 x 30 Minute sessions £61 £92
Gym Programme £16 N/A
Injury Clinic £7.50 N/A

How you can sign up

If you are interested in personal training, then please complete the consultation form below. Please note: by completing a consultation form it does not automatically issue you a personal trainer, it allows you to register your interest. Someone will be in contact with you to let you know availability.

For a programme no need to complete the form. Simply call us up, or pop into St Paul's Gym or Spinnaker Sports Centre. We can then get your programme booked in.

What our customers think

There is so much I love about PTing. First of all Amber pushes me harder than I would ever push myself. If it was just myself then I would stop at rep 3 and barely go up in weight but having Amber push me makes me feel not only super strong but also I can see my growth. Having a PT helps me feel so much more confident in the gym both inside and outside of sessions and it gives me goals to not only aim for but to smash.

Raechelle, Student Housing Officer

Personal training assisting gym member who is lying on a bench holding a barbell

It’s motivating, makes me want to try harder. I love being pushed really hard while also often laughing a lot. It’s made me feel stronger, and much more likely to want to get fit and push at my limits than if I did it on my own. If I could give some advice to those thinking of doing PT I would say, do it. 100%. It’s insanely good value for money. We’re so lucky to have this at the Uni.

Kate, Senior Media Officer

Fun, hard work and I can see and feel the results. My recent NHS Healthcheck verified the results of the hard work we have put in. I say we, because it really feels like a team effort. Like anything, you only get out what you put in; it isn’t a panacea for lack of effort and poor diet but it is an opportunity to get some great focussed and bespoke training and also, nutritional and dietary information if required.

Richard, MSc student

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