Facility charges - indoor

Gym Full member Non-member
Gym sessions Peak N/A £3
Non-peak N/A £3
Courts Full member Non-member
Squash - 40 minutes Peak N/A £8.25
Non-peak N/A £6.75
Sports Hall Full member Non-member
Sports Hall - 55 minutes Peak £26.50 £36.50
Off Peak £19 £27.25

Facility charges - outdoor

Astro - Hockey, football, lacrosse Full member Non-member
1/4 Pitch - 60 minutes Peak £18 £26.25
Off peak £15 £21.50
3G - Rugby, Football, Lacrosse Full member Non-member
Full pitch Peak £63 £94.75
Off peak £47.25 £63
1/3 pitch (7aside) Peak £30.75 £45.50
Off peak £22.50 £30.75
MUGA - Football, Netball, Tennis Full member Non-member
5 a-side cage Peak £16 £23.25
Off peak £11.50 £17.5
Netball court Peak £11 £16
Off peak £8 £12
Tennis court Peak Free £6.50
Off peak Free £4.25

Peak and off peak times

St. Paul's Gym

During non-core times of the year our opening hours are all off-peak (Monday-Friday 7.30am-9pm; Saturday and Sunday 8.30am-1.30pm), core hours restart on Monday 13 September.

Peak times: Monday to Friday 12-2pm and 5-8pm

Off-peak times: Monday to Friday 7am-12pm, 2-5pm and 8-10pm; Saturday and Sunday 8.30am-6pm

Langstone Sports Site

Peak times: Monday to Friday 5-10pm, Saturday and Sunday 8.30am-6pm

Off-peak times: Monday to Friday 7am-5pm and 8-10pm


Please be aware our grass pitches are now fully booked for the 2021/2022 season.

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