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The lockdown has definitely made us all think differently about exercise, we’ve had to. Some have taken up running, cycling, online fitness classes etc. Others have struggled to find an exercise routine at all. You’ve probably found that your goals have changed a little or maybe even completely. It doesn’t matter which group you fall in to, our Personal Trainers are here to help. They will help you set realistic goals and give you that extra push you may be looking for. Although we are not able to train face to face, our Personal Trainers are just as effective through a screen! It doesn’t matter what kit you have available, if any, our trainers will tailor your sessions to ensure you get a great workout regardless.

We offer 30-minute sessions and 60-minute sessions. Both are available to purchase in blocks of 5.

5 x 30-minute sessions £60 £90
5 x 60-minute sessions £90 £135

How do I get involved?

  1. Decide which trainer best suits you and your needs.
  2. Complete the application form by clicking on 'Apply now'.
  3. Once we've received your form, you'll be sent a link so you can purchase your preferred sessions.
  4. Your trainer will be in touch within 48 hours to book your sessions.

Meet the trainers

Amber Jerome

Body confidence

Shape and tone

Muscle development

Weight loss

I know keeping motivated can be hard, especially if you feel like a beginner or are simply out of practice. What better time to start now, and I can help!

I love to help people, so supporting individuals to achieve their fitness goals is a great passion of mine. No matter what your current training experience is: I am here to share my knowledge, guide you to smash your goals and push you to become the best version of yourself.

Fitness isn’t always about how much weight you’ve lost or how much weight you can lift. It’s improving your mindset and feeling confident in what you do. The rest will generally follow.

I’ve been working at Sport and Recreation for a number of years and have worked with a number of fantastic clients, looking to hit a range of goals. Let me use my knowledge and experience to help you reach yours.

Lee McCanny

Strength training

Body composition


Functional training

I have been working in the fitness industry and at Sport and Recreation since I was 17 and until this point, I was never really into fitness. I’d always played and enjoyed sport, but never spent much time inside a gym environment.

Over the years I have tried many different forms of training and know that there is no perfect programme to suit everyone, many factors need to be considered when planning a training programme (training background, lifestyle, job etc) I am a firm believer that making small daily habitual changes lead to great long term success, so I will help you build healthy habits and help you achieve a sustainable lifestyle change.

By making the sessions fun and enjoyable, together we can build a consistent routine that becomes second nature to stick to and we will achieve great results together until you no longer need me. There is nothing that gives me a greater sense of achievement than a client who has instilled lifestyle changes and no longer needs me.

Matt Knight

Strength and conditioning

Nutrition advice

Body fat reduction

Sport specific training

I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer with over 8 years of experience working in the Fitness Industry.

I learnt a lot from my first job as a Fitness Instructor. I gained great experience from watching and learning how different Personal Trainers went about their sessions, the importance of communication and flexibility to individual needs. I worked in the gym and studied for a whole year gaining more knowledge and developing confidence within myself to become a Personal Trainer which still is one of my proudest days to date.

I believe in working closely with clients and the importance of forming great bonds to help build your conference not just in the gym but by believing in yourself and developing the right mindset to achieve your goals.

Sam Armstrong

Weight loss

Weight lifting

Lifestyle change

Sport specific training

I’ve been a qualified personal trainer for 3 years now. Growing up I’ve been invested in sport but mainly football, playing throughout school and college and being lucky enough to play at Fratton Park at 15 years old.

My training for predominantly weight training, I’m now getting back into running I’m having to adapt and loving every bit of it. My main specialities that you might find useful is weight training (looking closely at using the correct form), weight loss and sport-specific training. This all varies from first-time beginners to regular gym user.

I’m very keen on building a strong relationship with all my clients and helping them include fitness into their life helping their everyday lifestyle. Even if it is through changing your diet to starting your first run or finally using weights! anything is possible.

Steph Slack

GP referral

Pre/post natal

Injury recovery and mobility

Mental fitness and wellbeing

With 14 years of experience of personal training, group training and working with athletes from a variety of sports, I have a well rounded and holistic approach to working with clients.

However, after a life-changing event in my late 20’s, my focus shifted from performance to general health and wellbeing. Supporting those who have life-changing medical conditions or those taking the next steps with their rehabilitation after operations. As well as those with short or long term injuries to still get the most from their training and keep their goals on track. Also being experienced in working to promote spinal health, posture, mobility and the body’s functional movements for everyday life. I may well be the fit for you if you would like to exercise pain-free and learn what your body is capable of achieving, instead of being told the things you cannot do.

I am a firm believer exercise should be fun so will work to find the routine, exercises and training method that keeps you motivated to show up and enjoy working out.

How do I get involved?

  1. Decide which trainer best suits you and your needs.
  2. Complete the application form by clicking on 'Apply now'.
  3. Once we've received your form, you'll be sent a link so you can purchase your preferred sessions.
  4. Your trainer will be in touch within 48 hours to book your sessions.
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