‘UOP Gym’ the app to keep you motivated!

Our ‘UOP Gym’ app can help you achieve your fitness goals!

  • Looking to get fit whilst you study? Our new app can help keep you motivated!
  • Our new app contains a database of over 2,500 exercises and pre-made workouts, with updates and new content being added regularly.
  • Work out alongside our 3D-animated personal trainer, who will show you exactly how to do each exercise – either at home or in our facilities!

Members will already be familiar with our UOP Sport app, helping them to book classes and courts instantly and easily. We are introducing another app titled UOP Gym to enhance the gym experience for our members.

UOP Gym can be used by our members to create workouts and nutrition plans, set goals, track progress, take part in challenges and communicate with other members. Our instructors can also work with members one-to-one through this platform, benefiting our personal training services.

The app is available currently in the Google Play store and App Store to download, but it is also available as a desktop platform too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Exercises and Workouts

  • You can follow one of our pre-made workout routines, or create your own based on whatever muscle group you want to work on.
  • Over 2,500 animated exercises are available, so you’ll know exactly how to perform an exercise, or how to use machines at the gym. Written exercise instructions are also available.
  • There is a variety of workouts available for men and women and in a range of difficulties; whether you’re a beginner or at an advanced level.

Personal Training

  • If you use our services, your Personal Trainer will help set custom workouts and programmes for you using UOP Gym. When you log a workout, your Personal Trainer will be able to view your progress.

Track Your Progress

  • You can track your progress over time as you log more workouts. There are over 30 values you can track such as weight, waist size, BMI, body fat, number of pushups, arm size, chest size, VO2max and many more.
  • Set reminders so you never miss a workout.


  • Take part in our challenges! Compete with other members and see where you place on our leaderboard, or simply compete against yourself.
  • You can also earn badges and rewards for exercising and compete with friends.


  • UOP Gym is fully integrated with Virtuagym Food: our partner app for nutrition tracking and calorie counting.With both apps, you’ll have all tools at your disposal to reach your fitness goals.

UOP Gym will be available to all members, free of charge, as part of their membership. Access to this service would usually cost £4.99 per month if you were to subscribe with an external service provider.

To get the most from your membership, we highly recommend activating your account, downloading the app, and giving it a try! We will be using this app over the next year to build on our gym community, provide fun challenges for our members, and help you achieve your goals.

Members who wish to use our Personal Training services, or have a custom Workout Programmes catered to them will be asked to use UOP Gym as the platform to communicate with their instructor and log their workouts.

You can choose not to set up an account if you wish. We will still use UOP Sport as our main app for booking classes, courts, news, communications and more.

New members will be given information on how to activate their account and download the app when purchasing a new membership with us.

If you suspect you haven’t received an e-mail yet, please get in touch with a member of our staff team: sport@port.ac.uk / +44 (0)23 9284 5555

Once you have activated your account, you can download the app, log in and access all of UOP Gym’s functions and services.

We have been conducting a lot of testing over the last 12 months, with our staff and some select members. However, your feedback is always greatly appreciated! Let us know about your experience with UOP Gym so we can improve!

If you are experiencing any trouble with the app, or activating your account – please get in touch with our team!

sport@port.ac.uk / +44 (0)23 9284 5555

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