Code of Conduct Policy

Executive Summary

The purpose of this policy is to set out the standards expected from Team UoP members as athletes, officials, coaches, volunteers, spectators and Committee members. It also gives information on the University’s Code of Student Behaviour, something which all students should adhere to. The policy lastly outlines drug and alcohol policy, initiations/hazing and bullying/harassment.  To discuss this further please contact (Sports Development Officer - Student Experience)

Team UoP Conduct Expectations

1. Club Members

1.1. Represent your club with pride and respect

1.2 Positively represent the University and Team UoP, raising the profile of sport and the University

1.3 Develop your club’s inclusivity, celebrating diversity and empowering fellow members to reach their full potential

1.4 Behave in a way which won’t bring your club or University into disrepute, both on the pitch and at social events when wearing Team UoP uniform/kit

2. Athletes

2.1Ensure that the game/sport undertaken is played and conducted in accordance with disciplined and sporting behaviour, whilst following BUCS regulations

2.2 Shall accept and observe the authority and decisions of match officials and all other disciplinary bodies

2.3 Shall not commit a doping offence in accordance with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Code

2.4 Shall not use abusive language or harass, physically or verbally, other players, coaches, match officials, participants or spectators

2.5 Shall not do anything which is likely to intimidate, offend, insult, humiliate or discriminate against any other person

3. Club Officials, Coaches and Volunteers

3.1 Consider the wellbeing and safety of participants before the development of performance, following NGB, BUCS and University guidelines

3.2 Develop an appropriate working relationship with participants, based on mutual trust and respect

3.3 Display consistently high standards of behaviour

3.4 Hold appropriate valid qualifications or be working towards such qualifications and insurance cover

3.5 Never exert undue influence over performers to obtain personal benefit or reward

3.6 Never condone rule violations, rough play or the use of prohibited substances

3.7 Never actively promote antisocial behaviour, lude acts or excessive drinking, or force any member into taking part in such activities

3.8 Shall not do anything which is likely to intimidate, offend, insult, humiliate or discriminate against any other person

4. Spectators

4.1 Do not use abusive language or harass, physically or verbally, players, coaches, match officials or other spectators

4.2 Show respect for your team’s opponents and match officials’ decisions

4.3 Never condone the use of violence and verbal abuse

4.4 Shall behave in an appropriate manner whilst representing Team UoP, showing appropriate conduct and behaviour

4.5 Shall not do anything which is likely to intimidate, offend, insult, humiliate or discriminate against any other person

5. Team UoP Club Committee Members and Sports Exec Committee Members

5.1 Team UoP club Committee members have been elected by their specific club to run that club in conjunction with Team UoP staff. 

5.2 The Sports Exec Committee provides a student voice for Team UoP, working in collaboration with Team UoP staff to deliver Team UoP’s vision for sport. All Committee roles and responsibility outlines are available to request through your current club committee.

5.3 The elected Committee and Sports Exec members shall share collective and individual responsibility to run their club in coordination with the ‘Vision for Sport’ of Team UoP and specific club development plans. Collectively they provide a united front, but also work on their own individual roles within their club committee structure.

5.4 Club Committee and Sports Exec member expectations:

5.4.1 Take responsibility for the culture created within their club.

5.4.2 Abuse of position may result in withdrawal of the role and its responsibility.

5.4.3 Be in the best condition to carry out their role, not being impacted by drug or alcohol usage

5.4.4 Ensure they make their President or Team UoP staff aware of any issues they are having carrying out their role, capacity/suitability wise or if they have mental health concerns.

5.4.5 It is the club committee’s responsibility to ensure all club equipment is kept in good condition and stored appropriately and tidily, while maintaining an up to date inventory of club equipment.

5.4.6 It is the committee’s responsibility to ensure their supporters and fans behave in a respectable way.

5.4.7 It is the responsibility of the President to ensure that their club members have paid the relevant membership fees, and that all those playing in fixtures are fully paid members otherwise they will not be permitted to play or take part in club activities.

5.4.8 It is the responsibility of the committee to not allow initiations, harassment or bullying to take place during club activity be that training, matches, socials, on social media or other communication channels.

6. The Code of Student Behaviour

6.1 The purpose of the Code of Student Behaviour is to outline acceptable behaviour of students of the University, both on and off of the University campus, in order to secure the proper working of the University. The expectations of students’ behaviour are set down in the University of Portsmouth Student Charter available on the University website.

6.2 The University of Portsmouth has common rules and regulations to ensure that students, staff and the wider community can work together to achieve our ambitions without damaging each other’s interests. The University of Portsmouth is committed to the provision of the highest quality education and recognises that an important part of that commitment is the operation of disciplinary procedures to protect the University community from misconduct.

6.3 The misconduct that is relevant to Clubs/Societies is defined under this Code in Section 2 as:

6.4 Improper interference with the proper functioning or activities of the University, or those who work, study or visit in the University.

6.5 Action which otherwise damages or is likely to damage the University, its staff, its students or its visitors.

6.6 Antisocial behaviour both within the University and within the wider community.

6.7 The following shall (subject to the above) constitute General Misconduct:

6.7.1 Disruption of, or improper interference with, the academic, administrative, sporting, social or other activities of the University.

6.7.2 Violent, indecent, disorderly, threatening, or offensive behaviour or language.



6.7.3 Fraud, deceit, deception or dishonesty in relation to the University or its staff.

6.7.4Action likely to cause injury or impair safety on University premises.

6.7.5 Bullying and harassment

6.7.6 Breach of the provisions of any University code of conduct, rule or regulation

6.7.7 Misuse or unauthorised use of University premises or items of property

6.7.8 Conduct which might constitute a criminal offence

6.7.9 Behaviour which brings the University into serious disrepute

6.7.10 Failure to disclose name and relevant details to an employee of the University when it is reasonable to require that such information be given

6.7.11 Failure to respond to requests to moderate behaviour

6.7.12 Antisocial or disorderly conduct which caused distress to others

6.7.13 Failure to comply with a previously-imposed penalty

6.7.14 Failure to provide complete and accurate information on the student application or registration form

You can view the full policy including the student disciplinary process.

7. Alcohol and Drugs

7.1 Team UoP does not condone the misuse or abuse of alcohol and drugs and is committed to educating its members to reduce the risks associated within its sporting community.

7.2 The University of Portsmouth and Portsmouth Students’ Union approach promotes a safe and supportive environment in which to study and work.

7.3 The overarching premise is one of support and education, focusing on making healthy choices, setting a framework of acceptable and responsible behaviour, and the action that may be taken in the event of a breach of acceptable and responsible behaviour. 

7.4 In the event that anyone associated with Team UoP brings the University’s reputation into disrepute or anti-social behaviour due to alcohol and drug use has an impact on Team UoP clubs and/or members, disciplinary action will be taken. 

7.5 Where a member of Team UoP, coach, volunteer or spectator has engaged in aggressive, abusive or otherwise antisocial behaviour in part as a result of the consumption of alcohol or drugs, this will in no way excuse the behaviour or mitigate the penalties imposed as part of the disciplinary process. 

7.6 Additionally, performance enhancing substances are banned as per the NGB (National Governing Body) of your relevant sport. UK Anti-Doping, the World Anti-Doping Agency, BUCS and the University guidelines should be referred to regarding the use of such substances. 

You can view the University’s full Student Drug and Alcohol Policy.

8. Initiations, Hazing and Social Events

8.1 The University of Portsmouth is committed to providing a safe and healthy study, work and sporting environment and does not condone irresponsible or antisocial behaviour.

8.2 An initiation/hazing is an event in which members of a club are expected to perform any activity as a means of gaining credibility, status or entry into that club. This is achieved through peer pressure and intimidation normally exerted on first year or new members to that particular club. 

8.3 These activities often involve drinking alcohol, eating mixtures of foodstuffs or nudity in tasks or challenges which humiliate and demean participants.  Initiations are not permitted in any form by any member or club of Team UoP.  

8.4 Members of Team UoP clubs will not apply what may be perceived as peer pressure upon individuals in any situation, this extends to any social “tradition” within a club.  

8.5 The Committee of each club is responsible for the welfare of all members and must take the necessary measures to ensure that an adequate level of safety is maintained at all times.  Any club which is found to be partaking in this behaviour will be subject to penalties imposed by Team UoP staff. 

8.6 Team UoP has a zero tolerance for any kind of club member initiation or hazing that promotes intimidation or peer pressure with regards to alcohol consumption, substance abuse or any illegal activity. 

8.7 We believe the practice of initiations is a dangerous and degrading exercise that jeopardises the safety of its members and reflects negatively on the public image of students. Team UoP recognises the need to encourage safe, responsible behaviour amongst the student population and educate its members on how to create a positive club culture and deliver life changing experiences through sport and physical activity.

9. Bullying and Harassment

9.1 Team UoP has a duty of care to protect the interests of its members and wishes to foster an inclusive environment to positively enhance student experience and create an inclusive sporting offer. 

9.2 Whatever their gender, race, colour, nationality, disability, age, religious or political belief, sexual orientation, social background, marital status, culture, HIV status or pregnancy, all Team UoP members have the right to protection from all forms of harm and abuse. 

9.3 The University does not tolerate any forms of bullying or harassment and disciplinary action will be taken against members who show misconduct. 

10. What Happens if I break the Code of Conduct?

Please refer to the Discipline Policy to see the process

10.1 Team UoP staff reserve the right to suspend a member from Team UoP for as long as it considers appropriate while an investigation and any subsequent disciplinary procedures are complete.